Thursday, April 30, 2009


Iyyar 6,5769 Fifth Day Yom Khah'mee'shee

Dear Ones, First I am thankful to our Elohim for giving us each new day...a day when we can praise His Holy Name. I am thankful that Israel just celebrated 61 years of Independence. A birthday that sparks terror in the hearts of her enemies but such joy in us who are called by the Name of the LORD to stand with her in ALL THINGS.

There are a lot of feelings going through me right now....a strong desire that all would receive the truth of the Gospel, not the version that has been peddeled for the past , oh 1700 years. Yes, I know that the whole 'christian' belief system is based on it but WAKE UP, it is not the truth. Oh, there are 'truths' within it but are you going to trust your salvation on half-truths? Yeshua said we must either be hot or cold...not lukewarm and too many are lukewarm, saying to themselves, "Oh I am ok, I am saved and I believe Jesus is the Son of God and He died for my sins and rose from the dead." Yes, this is truth...but what about Him being the Word..the same yesterday, today and forever? Does that have any bearing? When He, Who is the Word and was the Word from the beginning said that His Cammandments are forever and that His Sabbath is to be observed and kept holy forever...where does that put ALMOST ALL of the 'christian' religions? And doesn't His word say His festivals, His holy days are to be kept forever? What has happened to them?

Something DID happen. God's Way was usurped for the way of man. Man always thinks he has the better way and so he made up his own rules. Whether by misunderstanding the Scriptures or 'thinking' he is the 'Interpreter' of God's word. So man, elevated himself..most definately by the prodding of the enemy, because is it not the enemy who has always tried to make man 'think' he is a god and can do as he pleases? And so man began his own religion...far from the Way of Yeshua and His Teachings.

Man built a system of beliefs 'fashioned' after God but filled with the pagan. This religion tried to make itself a substitute for God's TRUE system. Because the Temple was gone, it felt it could just come in under the nose of God and do as it pleased. This new religion was a system that did not benefit its followers. It made up rules and regulations and greatly changed the way that God ministered to His people. God's Sabbath was changed because if this is a church built by man but claiming to be of God then it should have the right to change the day of worship, right? Then this manmade church did away with all of God's Feasts and Festivals...His Holy Days... and substituted its own days. So, the Believers could no longer worship God on His Sabbath but had to worship on the 'new sabbath..the day of the 'sun god' and they could no longer be in obedience to observe and celebrate God's special days but had to follow the pagan holidays of this usurper church...oh..easter, christmas, it's saint's days, its halloween AND it instituted all kinds of sacriments and even a new goddess to worship from the pagan goddess of old.

WAKE UP! God's Way is not the way of this church and even if you follow the Protestant way, you are still under the hand of this 'Great Pretender church' because in almost evey Prostestant church you go to church on sunday and you celebrate the days of the church of Constantine.. Christ's Mass, easter, halloween and now even more and more Protestant churches are observing the days of lent and advent and the list goes on and on. And remember, we were suckered into valentine's day and st. patrick's day. Come on! WAKE UP!

I WILL GIVE THIS TO THE PROTESTANT MOVEMENT, AT LEAST IT DOES NOT BELIEVE IN THE WORSHIP OF GODDESS MARY. But you hear more about those who are being numbed or is it DUMBED into believeing some of it. WAKE UP! Do not allow any of it in your thinking!

I will not ever stop speaking out about the catholic system because it is is pagan and too many are being driven right to hell by it. And what is satan doing? He is laughing at you all the way tO HELL!.


DO YOU WANT TO BE RIGHTEOUS? The WORD of God says His commandments are righteous. Follow His Commands. Get your mind in tune with His. Get your religious life in tune from His. Get away from the pagan and into the Way of God!

We are facing the LAST DAYS my friends and where do you want to be during these last days? In the arms of our Elohim or at the mercy of this church system that soon will be more deadly than ever. It will all be tied in together..the One World government and the One World Church. and what better church would it be than one that already teaches a faith far from God? One that cAN make its own rules and force its followeres to believe as it says or be excommunicated from it? WAKE UP!

IN THE END IT IS ONLY UP TO YOU. You and you alone will have to make the decision as to whether it is worth staying in the church system of the world(satan) or changing your life and coming into the faith of Yeshua. I will not say it is easy. The 'church' allows you to believe its way is easy..just call on His Name and zap...everything is ok and you don't even have to change, most go on living as if nothing happened. And since almost everyone has been brought up semi-'christian', they are already celebrating christmas and easter BUT when you come into the faith of Yeshua, you DO have to change. You change your whole way of thinking and you change the way you do things and you no longer celebrate the pagan holidays, you instead look to His Word and follow His Holy Days.

It is up to you. As the old saying goes, "You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink!"

I love YOU and want the best for YOU....His servant, gloria.

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