Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Nissan 20, 5769 Third Day Yom Shlee'shee

Glorious Elohim..my Father, My Yeshua, my Ruach HaKodesh, I praise Your Holy Name! You are so good...Your love and mercy endures forever!

My Dear Ones, I want to say to you that the LORD is alive....I know you just celebrated His Resurrection but you don't have to celebrate it one day a year...He is alive 365 days a year! AND He left us the power of Holy Spirit!

Be filled with the Holy Spirit! Talk in tongues...pray in tongues! Use Holy Spirit!

So many of you are suffering....and maybe you keep tuning into the religious shows hoping to receive a healing...maybe you desire to go to a service and receive a healing from one of God's chosen. STOP! You can receive this way but if you are filled with Holy Spirit...USE HIM!

You may have to pray loudly...you may have to travail..you may have to cry out to the LORD! Do not be ashamed or embarrassed....close yourself off with Him and receive what He wants to give you!

When I fell down my back steps and broke my leg last year...yes, I was in pain and I knew it was bad...I cried out to My God! I prayed loudly in Holy Spirit! My leg looked bad but I did not want a broken leg. The ambulance people said "Lady you have to go to the hospital because your leg is broken!" I went.....but I did not accept it. (I had to add this, we did not call an ambulance, they 'just' happened to be in my neighborhood and heard me!)

My leg looked bad...horribly mis-shapened and a huge gash running from my knee to my ankle....and the pain! But I prayed loudly in Holy Spirit. I prayed loudly in the emergency room. And as I prayed we watched the swelling and the huge bumps go down and away and the gash in my leg began to heal. My husband exclaimed..."Look you leg is scabbing over!" They took the customary xrays but I didn't have any broken bones. The doctor said, "I have never seen anyone with such an impressive injury not have any broken bones!"
And of course the nurse was amazed to just have to dab my leg with some antiseptic!

I walked out of the hospital!

Now, I was not totally pain free and the gash had to continue to heal. I now have a scar that lookes like I was stitched up. Amazing? YES...BUT HE IS SO GOOD!


Father, I ask you touch these friends with Your power and allow them to see Your wonderous works! Let them truly understand the depth of your love for them who truly seek You and obey Your commands.

Obedience brings Favor.
Favor brings Blessing.

I give You praise...I give you praise!
Your servant, gloria

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