Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Another day in YHVH! Hallelu Yah!

Another day!  It is beautiful in my little part of the world.  I am so grateful to our Elohim for all that he does for me! He is so good..His love and mercy endures for ever!

So today is Kislev 6, 5773. It is the third day and it is called Yom Shlisshi.....Yom Shlee' Shee. 
There are only two days till Thanksgiving now.  If you read my blog yesterday I needed to get he refrigerator and pantry cleaned out...I did. I threw out a lot of stuff BUT I also found a lot of ingredients for our dinner.

Being Messianic...believing in the Hebrew roots of our faith as opposed to the Christian faith has meant giving up the holidays of the church.  Some feel that Thanksgiving  should be given up too. I am not there yet....Although I do feel that Sukkot is our thanksgiving and celebrating time and I would make one day of it our official thanksgiving day if my family would!  I do NOT believe our national thanksgiving day is pagan though.   I believe the Pilgrims gave thanks and celebrated it as a type of Sukkot or Feast of Tabernacles. 

Here is an article that argues that Thanksgiving is NOT Pagan.

Here is another expressing that the first Thanksgiving might be associated with Sukkot...as I believe.


Just to be fair, here is a site that is convinced Thanksgiving day is Pagan

Monday, November 19, 2012

HELLO! Today is Kislev 5, 5773. It is a beautiful day in my little world. I am amazed at how time flies. Thanksgiving is just three days away. I have so much to do! Fridge and pantry both need to be cleaned out...dishes and pots and pans to be readied for the cooking and such! Plus I need to get the turkeys out of the freezer and into the fridge so they can thaw! I know what's going thru your mind.... I am wondering too...why am I in here on the computer?!

I haven't written here on this blog for quite sometime. I did not keep my promise about doing it. Things and family tend to get in my way! It has not been easy the past couple of years...my back decided to give me a lot of problems and I found out I have five ruptured discs. I did have a series of shots which helped but It did not do enough. I have just kind of stuck it out...active when my pain is not so bad and then just shutting down when it seems impossible to cope with it. I was doing much better and feeling more of my old self...then I went out to get the paper and fell on the driveway. Nothing broken but I was laid up awhile. Had to have a brace on my right leg and had to get a walker. This was not to my liking! I am now on my own though and contemplating going to a chiropractor. I have been told by many that this is a sensible thing to do. But enough about all of this and onto things more important!

Granddaughter Arrin is now in the third grade and nine years old. We had quite a time during the Halloween season. It is hard for her to be the only child in her class...and practically the only one...if not THE only one in the whole school who does not celebrate it. It finally came down to she and I having a talk about it. But let me go back a little further...being a public school, there is always a Christ mass play of some sort each year. This year it is the third and fourth grades who are to perform. Her music teacher sent home the scripts to be practiced BEFORE sending a notice home about the play. Arrin was excited. She wanted to be in the play! Her mother said yes...but Arrin worried about what I would say. I read the small script, it was not necessarily about Christ Mass but about getting along no matter what color you are. It was filled with the characters of the holiday though...Santa, Mrs. Claus, elves, trees, candy canes. I said ok but was not happy about it.

  Arrin wanted to be a tree...it was a Southern pine and she had just the southern accent for it! In fact she and Grandpa worked on her accent and the delivery of her lines for a few nights. He kept telling her that she is a Southern Bell because she was born at Ft. Campbell, Ky. (She was actually born in Tennessee, though, because the Fort hospital was over the state line!) Arrin was anticipating her try out for the part and was very excited. She wanted the part so badly!

Then came Halloween! As I said, Arrin and I talked about it. I did not want her to have anything to do with it but we finally came down to the decision that she could go out for candy. She did not remember going 'trick or treating' since she had only gone out when she was a baby before we came into the truth about the pagan holidays. We decided she would go as a zombie and could not say 'trick or treat' but instead say "Treat me please". The night came and she looked very good. I did her make up. Her Mom, Maria, went too and it was a good thing because Arrin had no idea what to do. I wish I could say it went well but I can't. Arrin got some candy but the whole thing was just not as I remembered it nor as Maria remembered it. So much rudeness and cars driving way too fast on the streets filled with kids. BUT the real blow to it all came when Arrin went to one house and said "treat me please". The woman said.."Why aren't you saying 'trick or treat?" Arrin replied.."We don't celebrate Halloween." The woman said very gruffly, "Well you are now!" Arrin was so upset but the woman was right...no matter what Arrin said...no matter if we just told ourselves she was just going to get candy..it was still 'trick or treating' and still participating in Halloween.

We all agreed that very night to NEVER do this again! And Arrin and I talked about the school play. She had tried out for the part she wanted but decide she wanted nothing to do with it. She asked me if I would talk to her music teacher so she would not have to go to the practices for it. Which I did and Arrin will be doing other things while the kids are in music class.

Our Elohim is so good. He sets the way for us to go and sometimes we do not go His Way but He allows us to get instruction from it..if we choose to 'see'. That is what happened to Arrin. She 'saw' the truth!

Now I think I must end this and make my way into the kitchen and begin what I should have begun several hours ago! Hahhahaha!