Thursday, December 31, 2009

SHIMIRAS HALOSHON....Guarding The Tongue

Tevet 14, 5770....Fifth Day....Yom Khah'mee'shee

Hello my is a cold day here in my little part of the world...19° Snow is on the ground and from the weather reports it will be staying with us for a while. I pray that where ever you are you are nice and warm and hopefully having good thoughts about the beauty of the snow.

That's kind of what is on my mind..thoughts and words. In this journey with YHVH it has taken me from the world I knew to a very different world. In the world I once lived in, you could be a 'Christian' but still live and be a part of the world. You could even still do this among the most pious of Christians. But in the world of YHVH, you must put aside the secular world for the Way of Elohim. You live in it but you are not a part of it,

In the past few weeks I and my fellow Believers have come out boldly against the pagan ways of the church and its holidays. It is good to speak truth and be bold but we must also watch our tongues and the words we say. I posted a quote from John Calvin about Christmas and a friend took it in a very bad way and now we are no longer friends.
My daughter and I had a falling out because of Christmas and now we are no longer speaking. And while I do believe these things are going to happen because of our faith and our being obedient to YHVH and Yeshua in being set apart people, we still have the obligation to watch what we say and bridle our tongues.

In studying about this, I came across this blog and it is truly wonderful and gets right to the heart of the problem. This particular blog is talking about how christians are but it also says alot to how we, who have now become Israelites, act sometimes to the christian, who is not observant. It says a lot as to how we are to let torah give us the instruction we need to be always shimires haloshion....guarding our tongue.

I send this out in love through Yeshua our Savior and soon coming King.....His Amma gloria

Proper Speech
Written By: Ahava © 2000

Romans chapter 2: 28 & 29:
He is not a Jew who is one outwardly, neither is circumcision that which is outward in the flesh. He is a Jew who is one inwardly and circumcision is that which is of the heart, by the spirit, not by the letter and his praise is not from men, but from God.

Matthew chapter 12: 35-37:
The mouth speaks out of that which fills the heart. The good man out of his good treasure brings forth what is good and the evil man out of his treasure brings forth what is evil. Every careless word that men shall speak, they shall render account for in the day of judgment. For by your words you shall be justified and by your words you shall be condemned.

A Jewish child is trained up in the proper way in the reality of the purity of Torah. Every parent teaches their child to speak and takes great joy in hearing the words being formed on the lips of their babies.

In the christian world the greatest contrast I've experienced in the two cultures between Jewish and Christian is their language. Both cultures study Torah/Bible. Both cultures teach Torah/Bible. Both proclaim allegiance to God. What is the difference in the two cultures and which culture is living the reality of Torah/Bible?

There are christians who condemn the Jewish people for denying Jesus as Messiah. The only example of Jesus that the Jewish people have experienced is the example revealed to them through the Christian's lifestyle.

Christians proclaim with their mouth but their very words testify against them and cause the Israelite to turn away out of reverence for God and the holiness of His Torah.

Children are taught by their parents to speak. The difference between the Israelite children and what I've observed in the Christian children is the Israelite children are taught to speak in correctness of speech ordained by God through the Torah.

How do I know a Christian child is not taught in the same manner? It reflects through their conversations.

An Israelite child is taught to speak with Godly instruction. There are two forms of speech. One is correct, allowed and acceptable to God. This other is incorrect, forbidden and unacceptable to God.

The latter will never proceed out of the mouth of an Israelite parent knowing they are training up the child in the way they should live as adults. The Israelite child is taught Shmiras Haloshon, meaning “guarding the tongue”. The quality of exercising caution in matters of speech. Loshon Hara means “evil talk, speech which is derogatory or harmful”.

Proper speech is so vital to life that it contains the course of life within itself on behalf of all the days ahead for this child. Torah/Bible constitutes God's plan for how people should live with one another. Scripture are the tools given to us to remove anger, bitterness and jealousy from our hearts and to eliminate strife, hurt and divisiveness from among the people.

When we examine the workings of our words, we come to see our words define us. What we say and how we say it is who we are. Consider the unique nature of the tongue. It is partly hidden and partly revealed. It is usually not seen, but it is definitely heard.

God designed the tongue to reflect its function, which is to reveal the hidden self of one's thoughts, ideas and personality. The tongue takes these hidden elements from within the person and through words, brings that person into the open.

Obedience to Torah/Bible teaches us how to look at people, speak to people and speak about people. Torah/Bible reflects Gods wisdom. God knows the impact and ripple effect of every negative interaction. Torah/Bible teaches us that at the core of virtually every broken friendship, shattered career and relationship is a seed of hatred, a seed usually planted by a hurtful word.

Much pain and anguish of life can be averted by restraining ourselves from sowing these seeds. If one removes the negativity, gossip, slander and divisiveness from one's vocabulary, one automatically and dramatically improves one's own life and the lives of everyone in one's environment.

A few careless words between people can be all that is needed to forever alter the tenor of their relationship. One derogatory word which labels another person can create a false perception to appear true in the minds of all who hear it.

Words are the sole medium through which we fulfill our purpose for which we are created, which is to communicate God's salvation, greatness and presence to this world. Words of encouragement can dispel despair, even for someone in a terribly difficult situation. Words have the power to take what is ordinary and make it holy. Words can turn water into wine, a loaf of bread into an offering and a man and woman into one united in marriage. These all take effect through the powerful words of prayer.

The words we choose will determine what we experience in our life. By taking hold of our power of speech, we take hold of life itself. The mouth expresses the contents of the heart. In every interaction one should be focused on not causing pain. The mouth can attain the status of holiness.

Unfortunately when one uses his mouth to speak harmful words of Loshon Hora, (evil talk) that mouth becomes defiled. That is why Loshon Hora incapacitates the person, rendering him unable to effectively produce the words of prayer.

Speech has the power to literally redefine reality. Thoughts exist in a separate, private sphere. Once articulated, the thought is no longer a private matter. It becomes an item on the worlds' agenda, something to be agreed with or argued, proven or disproved, attended to or ignored.

A thought has no power to affect anything or anyone beyond the person thinking it. Once the person enters into conversation, offering his assessments, in that instant the thought is released into the world and sets out on a path of destruction. This will be shared with others, thereby altering their perception as well. It seeps into the subconscious and colors their future assessments of the person, pushing him out from among them.

Words are the seal. The victim will suffer from the voicing of that one word. No word is lost, all is recorded. Our words have a profound impact in Heaven.

Words spoken on earth are tools through which an accusation is lodged before the heavenly court. Satan is always ready with his accusations but he needs a second witness to set the judicial process in motion.

Loshon Hora has the drastic effect of turning oneself into satan's corroborating witness. The very words satan uses in making his accusation are the very words one has spoken against another.

Speaking Loshon Hora (evil talk) not only creates falsehood against a person but literally puts accusatory words into satan's mouth. What the speaker of Loson Hora has caused for another person comes back to him in equal measure.

Loshon Hora is a weapon manufactured solely from words, yet scripture teaches the harm those words create to be massive. So sharp a wedge does Loshon Hora drive between people that restoration at times is impossible.

Each word of such conversation is a sin of its own. Each carries the full weight of the transgression of Loshon Hora, setting into motion all of its destructive power. Thus, just one conversation can produce hundreds of sins. Loshon Hora diminishes its victim in the eyes of others. Once spoken, the words carve their own path, destroying in ways the speaker can never imagine.

Loshon Hora reaches back to its victim. The harm it does is extremely severe. For the disparaging words to reach back to the victim, it isn't necessary that there be a direct report of what was said and who said it. It can be obvious in an indirect way, by the changed manner in which others treat them. Each person's treatment of him essentially reaches inside the victim and robs him of his true standing with Christ.

Words penetrate the deepest levels of man. In the most seemingly meaningless
chatter, the words that pass between people work powerful changes on them and within them. What a person says, what a person hears and what others say about him can surely change the course of his life and even alter his substance.

Shmiras HaLoshon (guarded speech) is an expression of unity. Seeing the good in others. Being sensitive to the feelings of others. As one guards his speech and engages others in conversations that are positive and constructive by exercising restraint in speech, one draws himself closer to God and builds unity among brethren.

The person who guards his speech builds power within his spirit. This is the power of self-discipline, control over his impulses, producing an inner strength to restrain him, measure his words and living in accordance with Torah/Bible.

What we speak produces immediately in the spirit, bursting into the natural. When we stand before God what will we say when He asks us to account for the blood of another person we have murdered? We will look at Him and say, “I've never murdered. When did I shed innocent blood? My hands are clean”.

God will reply, I'm not speaking about your hands or self defense or weapons of warfare, I'm speaking about your mouth. Your own words testify against you. Your words were your weapons of murder. That one that I shed my blood for and died for came to emotional harm and mental anguish by the wound inflicted by the weapon of your tongue through your spoken words.

Saturday, December 19, 2009



Today is the last day of Hanukkah....Hanukkah Day. It is also Shabbat and has been a blessing even though things have seemed to go terribly wrong.

There is nothing in my life that I won't talk about...there is nothing that is hidden. Oh I may have things I would rather not talk about but when confronted I would never say such and such didn't happen or even try and make out like I something I was not.

There was a time when I had to hide things because of the retributution I would receive. When there wasn't enough money to go around I would, as the saying goes..."rob Peter to pay Paul"... and would be terrified my husband would find out. I remember he had money set back for his race car...he was always spending money on his car....and we needed to pay bills and needed food too and I spent some of his money. I was so scared but after praying I told him what I had done because I knew that if I didn't and he found out it would be a double mark against me. Oh the punishment was pretty bad and not just on me..he also punised the kids but we survived....we always survived.

This act of deception....why are we always doing it? I say to all who will listen...we live in glass houses and He sees all that we do and He hears all we say....we can hide nothing from Him. And in the same sense...these glass houses are also a testimony of who we are. If we are truly the Believers that we proclaim to be then why are we worried about living in glass houses? Why is there so much deception?

Why? Because we are not who we say we are. We say things we don't mean and we try to fool those around us just so we can get praise from them or maybe even get help that we probably do not need. We have squandered our money and supplies so then we have to call out to others because we don't have enough now.

I am tired of it.

I speak out about the truth of our Elohim YHWH because it is so heavy upon my heart. I want all to know Him as He should be known. Not the false watered down god of the church...with all of its pagan days and ways....all its false doctrines and teachings.
No, I proclaim Him to be Who He is... THE GREAT I AM!

I have been dealing with a situation within my family for quite sometime. I don't even have to give a name. We have pampered her and coddled her. She has threatened to take her children from us so we can never see them again. She has threatened to kill them. And everytime we have ran and rescued her. We have given her money and the things she and her children needed. I even looked the other way as she acted out in a way that broke my heart. I have kept lies within me, lies that still surround us and it is as though we have to walk so carefully on broken glass lest these lies be found out. It puts a great strain on relationships. It has strained the whole family relationship.

I am seeing more clearly now that when we allow our Elohim...our do His will...we sometimes don't even realize what He is doing. I got my first glympse of this when a friend told me how she has been separated from her children because of her faith. Even with how hard it is, her faith has never waivered because she knew He had brought about the separation.

I am saying this now, even if this is what is happening to faith will not waiver. I had a childhood friend break away from being a FB friend this week because of the truth about Christ mass. I had seen this coming and had prayed about breakking from friendship with her...but her breaking it off was for the best. So now, I am at this place with a child of mine. She already lives away from us and tho I had looked at this as her moving because of spite...I see now it was His plan.

I will be honest and say she hasn't fooled me one bit, I knew she was straddling the fence..we all knew it..but we let it go. But today...well she would not be admit to what she was doing until it bacame a heated discussion and I do admit I said something I shouldn't have...I asked..."Are you nuts?" And with that she became very irate and that was that.

So I say HINENI! HERE I AM! Whatever happens....happens. YHWH, You have brought so much joy into my life and have given me friends all over the world who believe as I do. We walk in Your truth and we don't need to coddle those who want to pretend. We love then and pray for them but must we go along with their lies and trying to hide what they are doing or have already done? NO! I can't anymore. It makes me wweary!

I am not perfect...I do not claim to be...I allowed something to happen in my house that still haunts me...I allowed my son and his girfriend to stay together in his bedroom! I said...she has no where to go and I did make excuses but it allowed that sin to enter in here and I want that spirit it brought with it out of here!


Hanukkah means is a time to rededicate ourselves to Him wholy. It is a time to say I will separate the holy from the unholy and be set apart for Him!
And with this last light of Hanukkah we have entered into the month of Tevet. Tevet is considered a dark month and I feel the darkness around me. But His light has overcome the darkness. Even when it is not completely dark we have fears because we fear the shadows...but I say to not fear any darkness and do not fear the shadows because a shadow simply means there is a light shining somewhere nearby.
And what do I hear coming from the LIGHT?

Sunday, December 13, 2009



HANUKKAH IS HERE! We have had such a good Hanukkah so far my friends! We celebrated on the second nite with family and friends....lit the candels, said the blessings, read scripture and prayed. We had wonderful food to eat and gifts for the children. We have played the Dreidle game and I must is very addictive. Three days of fun, laughter, family, food, games and the Light and love of Yeshua upon us!

O wondrous Hanukkah! It says in Isaiah 60:19...No more will the sun be your light by day, nor will moonlight shine on you; instead ADONAI will be your light forever and your Elohim your glory.

We who follow Yeshua walk in His light...we are permeated with His light. It is within us and it is His light that shines from us for all to see. He is the Light of the World. He is our salvation and because of Him, there is nothing we should fear. His light shows us the way to go when we are in doubt, it comforts us and brings joy to our hearts when we are in sorrow. It is in His light we walk and in His light we will live in forever.

His word is a lamp to our feet and a light to our paths. His words give light and understanding. For His mitzvah is a lamp, Torah is light, and reproofs that disipline are the way to life.

We who follow Torah live within His light and we are conspicuous to the world. They look upon us and think we are strange because we do not follow the way of the world. No we are His lights...we are His candles and when lit, we cannot be hidden. We are to be as a city on a hill that cannot be hid. All eyes are upon us and as has been written....some will admire us, some will commend, some will rejoice in us and study to imitate us, some will be in envy, some want to censure us and some want to do away with us. Why? Because we shine forth the light of truth for all to see.

We must be bold. We must rededicate our lives to Him and honor Him by always speaking His truth and never backing down. As He is the Light of the world and we are illuminated in Him...we must give this light to others.

Have a wonderful Hanukkah and let His light shine...shine...shine...hide it under a bushel?...NO! I'M GONNA LET IT SHINE!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hanukkah or Christmas

Today is Kislev 22, 5770 and it is Fourth Day

It is Winter outside here in my little part of the world. Yes, snow is on the ground and the wind is blowing. Brrrr! IT IS COLD! No school for the grandkids today. How I loved snowdays when I was young. Of course way back then we didn't have the weather reporting like we do now. It was usually a surprise to wake up to snow....the technology was not there to see storms coming. We never knew when tornados were coming in the Spring and summer or snow in the Winter. IT IS 12° but the wind chill is much lower.

Hanukkah will be here in three days and we are so very excited! I was kind of upset about one thing though, my Hanukkah decorations were put in storage. It wasn't a problem until things were moved around and restacked. The boxes are in there tight and we aren't going to try and retreive them. But this will not deter me or keep us from having a wonderful time. So even though the Hanukkias or Hanukkah menorahs are packed away, I still have the candle holders I used the first year we celebrated Hanukkah.

This might be something that will come in handy for someone else. I bought two candle holders that hold four candles each....and then I use a taller candle holder for the Shamash. You see..the Shamash is always higher than the other candles. Shamash means servant. It is this candle that represents Yeshua. And from this servant light all the other candles are lit. One each night for eight nights till all are lit and shining bright.

I know by now anyone reading my blog knows I no longer celebrate Christmas and I think it is hard for other Christians to understand this.
When I started my journey into this Way of God or Elohim...I saw the beauty of His Holy Days...His Feasts and I recognised that there is no need for the manmade church holidays. They all seemed to me to be an attempt to usurp His authority. Now, of course, I have studied and found out the pagan roots of all that has been handed down to us from the Church of Constantine...the Great Usurper church or the Roman Catholic church. Some even call it the Whore church.

Christmas is pagan. Yes I know we all celebrated or are celebrating it with the best of intentions but should we not, when given truth, step away from it? YES WE SHOULD!

We hear so much about the 'spirit of Christmas'...the 'magic of Christmas'. But where does this come from? Yeshua uses no magic. His birth was not the result of magic.

This spirit and magic comes from the paganness of the whole holiday! LOng before the birth of Yeshua December 25th was the birthday of many pagan gods. This god went by many names, depending on when and who was in power at the time. At one time it was celebrated as Nimrod's birthday, later on this same god went by the Greek name Zeus and it was this same god's statue that was erected in the Holy of Holies in 168 B.C. by the Greeks and who also took a pig and sacrificed it on the altar and then choppd it up and boiled it and poured its disgusting remains over the Torah scrolls in the Great Temple!

It was because of this that the revolt came and finally the Jewish people led by the Macabbees were able to take the Temple back and cleanse it and light the great Menorah, which having only one vial of Priestly oil, it miraculously stayed burning for eight days till more oil was ready. Hallelu YAH! This great day was on Kislev 25, 165 B.C. This my friends was the First Hanukkah!

As I said before, this god was given many names but the birthday of this pagan god was always on december 25th. This was and is known to Jewish people as a pagan day.

At the time of the Romans he was named first Jupiter then Mithras, the god of the sun. The birthday, again was always December 25th and it was called...and I am not sure if I am speling this right.....Dias Natales of Evitus Solas....or the Day of Nativity of the Unconquered Sun.

I am sure that all know the story of Constantine and how he becme a 'Christian' and made Christianity legal in Rome. But, do we understand that in Rome it was an acceptable thing to be tolerant of other religions...except those outlawed, such as Christianity was. Christianity was NOT tolerant of other religions because it was a religion based on the saving grace of Yeshua's blood and in the one and only God YHVH. Constantine had a problem. The pagan gods were unacceptable in his new was he going to make Christianity accepted by the people?

He made a compromise with the pagans...they could go ahead and have their celebrations on December 25th but their god would no longer be named Mithras, he would become Jesus Christ. Just exchange one name for the other. So this Jesus became just a replacement..another name for the sun god. You can even see proof of this when you look at will see a halo behind the heads of Jesus and Mary and the saints of the church. You will see then behind the heads of angels. These are sundiscs, a part of the pagan sun god.

You see December 25th will always be pagan. No matter what you do or is the birthday of the sun god....use whatever name you want for is all the same.

Our Father's days are holy and we must not mix the holy with the unholy....we are to be set apart and we can only do this by coming out of the pagan ways and embracing his Ways.

Hanukkah means dedicate. When the Temple was cleansed and the first Hanukkah celebrated it was a for ever after a day that would be remembered as a day of victory and miracles!

So just as the Temple was cleansed and rededicated...let us look to this Hanukkah as a time to rededicate ourselves to our Elohim because we were cleansed by the blood of Yeshua
and our bodies are His Temple.

I give Him ALL praise and glory to Him for He is so good..His love and mercy endures FOREVER!

As always I only want the best for you. With love in and through Yeshua our Messiah and soon coming King...His Amma gloria