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Nissan/Aviv 30, 5769 Day Six Yom Ha'Shee'shee

Hello my dear ones, it is another beautiful day in my little part of the world. We have a wonderful breeze blowing the curtains in my Angel room.

I cannot believe we are at the end of another week AND another month! Tonight is Shabbat and also the first day of Iyyer! AND also Rosh Kodesh.

The following is a long blog...long for me I think but as I titled is from my heart and soul. This is not for debate and for any arguments. What I write is from me and also from the LORD.

I want to say something very important....we must all accept that things happen for a reason...for a purpose. As I have said before, our Elohim, Who IS Father, Son and Holy Spirit, sees the beginning and the end.(Think Quantum Physics here) Along the straight path He has set before us is our free will and many little paths shoot off of His pre-designed path. So, in ALL THINGS many different ways could have come to the same ending. He said His children would come back to claim their He set up pathways for this to be fullfilled...not all being the best way but it did happen never the less. In ALL things there are probably the bad ways, the good ways and the best ways. We, having free will, determine which way we will go. But do not think He does not have a hand in it, He does try to steer us this way or that is up to us to be listening to His Voice.

Why do things happen and it seems to take so long to get them straightened out? Because WE think WE know more than our Elohim! WE try and fix this and that and do it this way or that way because WE know best.

When Yeshua came He came for a reason and a purpose. But WE went off on different paths AWAY from what He brought to us. Thus WE were brought to our knees, and I am talking about human kind in general here, by a religion that sprang from His teachings but usurped it and began their own theology. And from this sprang all of the other 'Christian' religions. Elohim gave visions and words to some who were listening but they only took what they wanted to see and hear. So we have most of the Protestant religions mired in the false teachings that began with the Church of Constantine.

Down thru all of this, His chosen were ridiculed, persecuted, tortured and almost destroyed and this has included those who profess the Savior Yeshua but who 'Saw' with different eyes the true reality of what was really the Way of God. The Great Pretender church was going to have NO OTHER RELIGION BUT ITSELF so it had to destroy any other way but its way. Thankfully our Elohim had another plan.

So many have listened and have turned from this great rolling religion of false doctrines and sacrements, idol worship, the worship of a false god and goddess and belief that it is the only way to salvation and it is the final word because it is the word of God. WELL IT IS NOT!

Many paths.....many ways...but He sees the end. I read in an article a man questioning whether the Jews would have gotten Israel if the Holocaust had not happened. My belief is YES they would have but it would have taken a different 'way'. God said they would come back and He meant it. His covenant is forever and His promises never die. He said He would not forsake them and He has not.

The paths we take either make our journey easier or harder and it is up to us. Are we listening to Him? Are we studying His Word and getting instruction from His Torah because all instruction is there. Yeshua is Torah! He is the Word!

We are all wondering what tomorrow is going to sometimes does not look to be very good. But even with this knowlege of what these times are and who is running things, we must trust in our Elohim. Worry is not going to get us through all of the trials and tribulations that may come upon us.

My thoughts always go to those who were in the Holocaust, even the years before it. God's chosen suffered mightily. One man, heard the call of Satan and he listened intently. He was guided by the writings of Martin Luther, who is looked upon as such a great man, the Reformer. But Martin Luther had a dark side. He hated the Jews and did whatever he could to turn others against them, even to write that they should be destroyed. Hitler believed this too and because of the teachings of the Catholic church and many Protestant churches, Hitler found those who believed the same way he did.
Thus began one of the mose infamouse times in the history of mankind.

We ask ourselves, what makes humans so evil towards other humans? Well, it can be none other than HaSatan himself. The Catholic church was undoubtedly guided by him in its teachings and in the ways it treated those who did not believe as it did AND does.
(I am in no way saying Catholic people are evil, I have family who are Catholic and they are NOT evil just lost. But the church and its teachings ARE.)

So we have Hitler and his plan to exterminate the Jews and a few other types of humans along the way but lets be honest and was mainly to get rid of the hope of the world for the LORD to return..the Jews. And we have the Lutheran church, which comes from Martin Luther.....AND we have the Catholic church which had already been persecuting the Jews and we now have BIG TROUBLE.
We also have the German people who were defeated in the First World War and needed someone to be their hope, their savior, their messiah. They became very bold in their belief that they were superior to all others from the teachings of Hitler.

The Jewish people became a very passsive people. They kept to themselves. Even in the days of old when they conquered the lands, they did not demand for those around them to become Jewish. They have never tried to proselytize religion. The more they were persecuted the more they turned to God.

I keep asking, how did they keep their faith? I look at the pictures and the movies and read the accounts.....mothers with babies in their arms, or with small children in tow...even grandmothers with their grandchildren...all being led to slaughter but they did it and I wonder, "What were they thinking?"

I saw a small clip of a movie, shot by a passing Nazi soldier, of Jews being led to their deaths...all lined up near a gully. The shots ringing out...the murdered falling into the abyss. He got close to the Jewish men, they looked to be young men, all careening to see what was happening. Hearing the shots and looking...what were they thinking as they saw people they knew, falling over the side, murdered before them and knowing in just a few small steps they would be next?

I think about those getting off the trains after such a horrible trip, not really knowing what is going to happen. Hoping that the stories of a new life are true but in their hearts are they really believing the other stories about slavery and death?

This is what goes thru my mind. This is what I think about when I see a train on tv or even some other image will bring to mind what they went thru.

I also think about the other Holocaust that has been going on since 1973..the murders of the unborn. They flinch and try to 'run away' from the object that is there to kill them. They let out silent screams. They are the innocent taken to slaughter. Whether we like it or not, their blood is on our hands just as the blood of those who were murdered in WWII is on the hands of all those who turned their heads and did nothing.....not even a prayer.

So, this is my rambling...this is from my heart and soul but I read something yesterday that did help some.....

In the Hands of Hatred
By Boaz Michael
April 21, 2009
"May God have mercy and say "enough!" to the affliction of the Jewish people and to my personal torment. May He return to me my dear, sweet, and modest daughter Rekhil Yehudit, long life to her, who was kidnapped from me on the second day of Rosh Chodesh Elul, Friday in the week of Shoftim 5702 [August 14, 1942]." R'Kalonymus Kalman Shapira

Rabbi Kalonymus [tz"l] lost his life by the hands of hatred. Yet, his voice lives on. In the ruins of the Warsaw Ghetto a fragmentary dairy was found that records the inner life of this martyred Rebbe. The book "To Heal the Soul" records his words. On this day of Yom Shoah (the day of remembering the Holocaust.) I thought it appropriate to allow his words to live on and encourage us. Here are some of his journal entries.

#12 "Leaving your mark on the world"

He who knows his place: Be creative and contribute to the world, give it the best you have. Make a niche for yourself that will always be felt in the world. Are not the "places" of our forefathers, the prophets, and other tzaddikim to this day not known in the world? What a void there would be in the world if, for instance, there had been no Baal Shem Tov?
So "he who knows his place"--who leaves a mark in this world with his life--his "place" will forever be known, even beyond his life.

#13 "The ultimate proof of God"

Certainly you have heard of or seen the books that deal with the existence of God. For those who find it hard to believe, they try to prove that there is a God. They bring their proofs from Creation itself, its inherent wisdom and almighty nature. But woe for you if you need their proofs.
Have you not felt, have you not seen, how your soul is so sure it sees God? You speak to Him in second person both in formal and informal prayer because the truth is that your soul does see Him present, right there before you.
And when your soul cries out in pain, "I shall not fear because You are with me" (Psalm 23:4), you feel as if you are clinging to God, who then will heal your soul. Or when you yearn or pour out your soul, you say, "God! Please bring me closer! Help me to surrender my very self to You, because I yearn greatly to come closer."
( Boaz Michael is the President and Founder of First Fruits of Zion.)

I shall not fear because You are with me.
I shall not fear because You are with me.
I shall not fear because You are with me.

Are we ready with faith like this? We talk the talk but can we walk the walk?

I believe we will find out sooner than later.

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