Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Speaking the Truth

25 Tishrei, 6770 Third Day Yom Shlee'shee

My Friends, The Fall Feasts are over...sad but true. So much anticipation and excitement leading up to them and now they are gone....memories. Wonderful memories though.

As always, or so it seems, all my best laid plans don't always materialize. I want these Feasts..these holy Days to be wonderful for all those around me. I want them to feel the true joy of celebrating with our Elohim as He has commanded. I want that void that is there because of the pagan holidays to be filled with the truth and righteousness of these Holy days. Truth be told, we have all experienced that void. We come out of the pagan but we remember within us the feelings....the memories. We can close our eyes and we remember the smells...we remember the decorations....we remember the thrill of counting down the days...especially at Christmas. But you see, it was all a lie...all void of G-d. He never gave us those days...they came from man.

This journey with Elohim is even a lonely one at times. To be set apart as He desires means no longer being a part of the world as you once knew it...and having no desire to do so. When you seek His way you come into the understanding of who He is and what He expects of you. It is all there written in His book...it is there for all to read but so many depend on others to read and interpret for them.

Now it is good to read other's teachings but always seek the truth. Something might sound right when you first read it but mull it over and see if it stands the test of discernment through Ruach haKodesh.

I have a boldness about my faith....and I never want to hurt anyone but sometimes our feelings do get hurt when the truth is presented to us. We are taken out of our comfort zone. I do speak out against the pagan ways...and this is in the Catholic church AND the Protestant churches. I make no bones about my dislike for the Catholic church because it is the Great Pretender church....the Church of Constantine. I do not hate Catholic followers...they have been and are being deceived.

I know my calling...have I kept my place always?..no. I have gotten discouraged but I know that I am to speak out about the holy and unholy.

The following is a teaching from Rabbi Immanuel Ben Yehudah Ha Levi. He has become my dear friend. He speaks of the truth and being bold no matter what the cost.
As always I only want the best for you.
With love to you in and through Yeshua our Savior and soon coming King...His Amma gloria

Speaking the Truth & being bold no matter what the cost..

Here is something I would like to bring to surface, we are living in a perilous time, our society has been dumbed down. You may say to yourself how is this possible, it's simple the media, radio, television and yes public schools and the garbage they teach our children.

We have become a so politically correct society, ohh I don't want to speak out on something because it may offend or hurt your feelings. Beloved Yeshua was not afraid to speak the truth, neither were His Talmadim look to our ancestors the prophets, & look to Yeshua and His talmadim many were martyered for not only their faith, but speaking out against lies and half truths.

Look at the price Yeshua paid so that you may be freed, not free from the Torah but free from the tyranny of sin, and being decieved from sin, addictions and other demonic forces that try to consume a person. Yeshua was bold and spoke out, He had discourse witht the many Pharisistical and Saducean groups in His time. Yeshua calls one group a brood of vipers and is yelling at them, and another time He says if you were Avraham's children you would do the things Avraham did also, and it wasn't in a pleasant hippie type voice either.

The Church has been decieved and taught many lies, as in my people in Judaism also many have been taught a tree huggin hippie Jesus, this is far from the truth as Yeshua was a Jew. Jews have many discourses called midrashing and in those midrashing people are yelling and arguing when it's all said and done they walk away hugging each other and in on their way; it's part of our culture.

Many in these last days will be decieved because, they don't want to tell the full truth cause it may offend, or it may not be pleasent to others ears. Beloved do you not see the veil that has been pulled over your eyes, you don't have to wait for a beast system there is one already at work and has been for very long.

In Judaism, including in Yeshua's time, discussing the Bible is called Midrashing. And even in Jewish writings, many midrashings got heated. It didn't mean they didn't love each other, it was merely a discussion.

However part of the deception (Not all of it) is in front of your own eyes and you don't even see it. Let's see what Yeshua had to say about telling the truth and about the disobedience in the last days...

There are those who will be lost by the way because of disobedience to Yahweh's commandments. Not through the fault of a disagreement with their brother on the internet or at a Kehilot (Congregational) meeting. If people are that easily dissuaded their heart is not persuaded.

Mat 10:34 `Ye may not suppose that I came to put peace on the earth; I did not come to put peace, but a sword;

1Pe 2:7 Unto you therefore which believe he is precious: but unto them which be disobedient, the stone which the builders disallowed, the same is made the head of the corner, ...

1Pe 2:8 And a stone of stumbling, and a rock of offence, even to them which stumble at the word, being disobedient: whereunto also they were appointed.

Does this sound like a Cumbaya hold my hand message, or does it mean that part of love is obedience to His commands and to His way. Yeshua knew that those that truly understood his message would face problems, for the Jew and Israelite that already knew Torah they would be cast out by their own families and friends and thought of as dead.

For the Gentile sojourning into the faith and returning 10 tribes people they would have inherited the lies of their forefathers, many Yehudim (Jewish people) also have by way of the certain things written in the Talmud and other writings that are extra. Many of the Gentiles would be banished from their friends and family because now that many of them along with the 10 tribes returning home have known Mashiach but are returning to Torah. - Zech 8:23

Yeshua was a Jew and never renounced his Judaism. It's common knowledge to practicing Jews, that you are to correct brothers and sisters in error. This is commanded by Torah. Therefore, the phrase (Love your neighbor as yourself) is right out of the ten commandments, Yeshua didn't make it up in the Brit Chadasha (Renewed Covenant). This is why you read Yeshua sometimes shows grace to some and other times rebukes.

If one says they are a Netzarim Yehudi/Israelite then they know the Hebrew/Jewish/Israelite Yeshua Ha Mashiach you also know that as a Jew/Israelite we will speak our mind no matter how peaceful. There is an onld saying put 2 Jews in a room together you get 3 opinions lol this couldn't be anymore true.

With this said, I agree we should come together and show love one to another, unfortunately we may not see the full fruition of this until the Messiah returns.(Quote by sister Walker) But I am encouraged at the enthusiasm that I see in others concerning the word of YAH. And no matter how much disagreement, I try to never take it personally. Hopefully I can say that I have a love for everyone in my heart.... Even if I disagree with them.

I don't go around intentionally wanting to hurt others with my words, nor should you either but when the truth needs to be spoken on certain matters, they just need to be told period!! We should love one another I agree but in love we also ahve to correct and rebuke at times, so long as it is a legitimate case and there is proof to back it up along with scripture and the MattitYahu 18 process.

The Ruach has shown me that this is a season of testing for beleivers, people are being weeded out to see who are the true and faithful one's and whoare the one's that are just paying lip service. If your heart isn't right with YAH please get it right while there is time..

Shalom to all of you in Yeshua's name,
Netzari Rabbi: Immanuel Ben Yehudah Ha Levi