Monday, April 13, 2009

Powerful Word from the LORD.....Lillis Boyer

This is not the first Word or will it be the last Word with the LORD calling us to come away from the world.....but He also wants us away from the worldly church. You know what I am talking about.....these churches that butter you up, always make you feel good...always say the sun is going to shine. Wake up...we are all in for some hard times...trials and tribulations. But if we who are called by His name are trusting in Him we know that He shelters us in the shadow of His wings....He is our high tower! Come out! Come out and follow the LORD and not the man made church and its doctrines and holidays and all the fluff and the pomp and circumstance. Come out!

Vision/Prophecy: The ‘fork’ in the River…Warning against compromise in the Church
Lillis Boyer

Ever since the new year I have been visited with this vision: a mighty flowing river, suddenly developing a slow but distinct ‘fork’ of division. This ‘division’, this ‘fork’ is happening so gradually that the river is not aware of it a first. On one side of the fork the people were being swept away deeper into Life and Him, the other side the people were being swept away into destruction.

I inquired of the Lord about this vision. He said, ‘this is what is happening in my church NOW! The process has already begun. The river has already begun to split, to divide. It has happened and is happening so slowly that My people who are in the river do not see it, do not notice it, but it is very real.

‘What is causing this fork, this division in this mighty river Lord?” I asked.

He answered with just one word that shook me to the core.


As I looked closer with my spiritual eyes at this river, I saw many people swimming in this river. They were His children, and they were eating, drinking, making merry. Yet as they were, a slow ‘split’ was developing in the river. Suddenly some of the people were on one side of the river, and the others on the other side. At first, the people on both sides of the fork ‘appeared’ the same, both were rejoicing both were following Him, But as the split in the river became larger and the chasm wider and deeper between them, some in the side being swept away into destruction began crying out to the others on the other side to save them. However, but it became increasingly difficult because the river was now clearly divided into two ‘forks’, like a ‘Y’ shape. There was no longer any way for people on one side of the fork to reach the others.

My heart was grieved. It didn’t seem fair. How could this happen?

‘My people have been opening the door to the enemy for too long by their compromise with the world and the things of the world. This includes their attitudes, their speech, their conduct, even their political views, and by not standing up for Me, and My principles in My Word they have opened a door to the enemy. Their spirits have become dull of hearing, seeing and discerning what is of Me and what is not of Me. So this river of compromise, which they mistakenly think is ‘right and acceptable’ and even of Me, is slowly sweeping them away from Truth itself.’ And unless they repent and turn, this fork of ‘compromise’ will sweep them into the river with all who are perishing in the world. Tell My people it is time to CHOOSE: Who will you serve? Me, or the things of the world?

“For just as one side of this ‘fork’ in the river represents ‘compromise’ the other represents Life and Truth. For I am separating those to Myself who are truly zealous for Me, and Me alone, and who refuse to compromise any iota with what is easy, or what ‘feels’ right, but instead hunger and thirst for true righteousness. These are those who worship me with their whole heart and life, and refuse to have their white robes even slightly blemished by the things of the world.”

“Do not be surprised when these things begin to happen, beloved, for My purifying river even now has begun to sweep into My church, and separate those who are truly following hard after me, and are not compromising with the world. THERE IS NO NATION, NO STATE, NO CITY, NO CONGREGATION, NO HOME WHERE MY PURIFYING RIVER WILL NOT VISIT, BE PREPARED, FOR IT WILL COME UPON YOU SUDDENLY! And when it comes there will be division, there will be ill-speaking, there will be contentions, even quarrels and divisions, but STAND FIRM FOR ME AND MY TRUTH. DO NOT COMPROMISE!

“Even now, ask Me to shine my light on those areas in your lives where you have compromised with the world, and the things of the world, and repent. For Light can only have fellowship with light, and dark only fellowship with dark. Light is attracted to light, and dark to dark’

“Contend earnestly for your nation, your family, your friends for the time is short, and My coming is at hand”

Lillis Boyer

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