Monday, April 20, 2009


Nissan /Aviv 26,5769 Second Day Yom Shaynee

Today is a beautiful day in my little part of the world. I am exceedingly glad and I rejoice in it.

I must have woke up in a wonderful mood and feeling great, right?
Nope....I woke up feeling like a 56 year old woman...well, maybe I feel a lot sleep was not good and my body was aching.

I wrestled during the night with thoughts and dreams and some were undoubtedly from the LORD. Things from my past kept popping up and in one dream it was all about Twittering.

But I will not allow my sleep at night or my thoughts or how I am feeling make me see the world as anything else but wonderful because He is the Creator and it is most marvelous!

AND THE MOST IMPORTANT THING...I am His Creation...I am the workmanship of His Hands. BUT, I will never take it too far...I will never allow myself to look upon myself as more than I am and on the other hand, I will NEVER allow myself to be degraded and looked upon as something not worthy.

I am me, plain and less. I am not a great beauty and I am not ugly. But, there it is again...WE ARE A PEOPLE...A WHOLE WORLD...THAT REVELS IN THE FLESH.

In todays 'Daily Lift' by Rabbi Zeleg Pliskin, says.......
In Western society, the body has been deified. Many judge themselves by their physical beauty and strength (or lack of it). The Torah attitude is that our bodies are tools for spiritual elevation.

The value of a tool is not in its appearance but in its function. A person who looks at his body as a tool for spiritual growth does not think less of himself if he has a physical handicap. Since his body is a tool, he is only expected to utilize the tool that he was given.

Is this not what has been going on with the body since the beginning of time? All of mankind puts a beautiful face and a lovely body in a special place of honor. We have ALL been programed to do this.

I feel the whole world had a wake up call when Susan Boyle walked out on stage on the show 'Britians Got Talent' Now, I have read some of the 'popular' peoples quotes about her....and to be quite honest, it disgusts me.

One famous person likened her to 'Shrek'. another calls her 'ugly'.....friends, this woman was not ugly and she sure is NOT a 'Shrek'! Frumpy?..yes....dowdy...yes! You could call her 'plain' I guess but ugly?...NO!

We all have boxes we are put in and we see others in their boxes. I am amazed when people I know to be very spiritual are interested in me. Why me, I think? But, it is not is the LORD they see. I want nothing of myself in there, although I know that is an impossibility.

We are in these boxes and maybe it is not the box we see ourselves in but a box that others have placed us in. There is a man who lives near me and he is blind and in a wheelchair and cannot take care of himself. But I am humbled each time I am near him because he is an Apostle of the LORD. He is mighty in prayer. His wife says many nights he is in his room where he has a radio set and talks about the LORD to others and he will begin to wail and travail in the Spirit. I am sure those who come into his presence, who are of the world, do not realize in whose presence they are in because his box for them is of a blind crippled man..NOT A MAN OF GOD! They see no power in this man but if they had 'eyes' to 'see', they would know.

How many truly saw the great woman of God, Harriet Tubman? How do you see her? What kind of box is she in? Most would say "she was a slave, greatly mistreated who became a the Moses of her people by leading so many to the North into freedom." Yes, she was all of these but she was so much more. She had a 'call' from God upon her life that went far beyond her circumstances. She was so obedient that He spoke and she listened. She became accustomed to His Voice.

She was a great patriot..serving in the Cival War as a spy and as a nurse. She was greatly trusted in her knowledge by the 'supereor white man'. Her love for the LORD and her desire to free her people put her in a position to speak before groups of white folks in their nice 'white' dry churches. They had a desire to help and free the 'Negroes' but they had no 'spiritual' understanding of the relationship that Harriet had with the LORD.

So I see that Susan Boyle is in a 'box'..she is old, ugly, shouldn't have had such a wonderful voice...but why are so many pulling for her! Why are so many excited that this woman came from nowhere and now is known the world over? WHY?

Because, she is us....There a a few 'chosen' who elevate themselves or have been elevated to a standard that hardly anyone can reach. But she is in a 'box' that we can relate to. She has hit the world right where it needed to be hit.

God gave her a voice that is beautiful and she hasn't used it to gain power and money and fame. She was never what the world thought worthy of fame and fortune because she wasn't in their kind of box.

Yeshua came and was not in a box that was accepted. Friends, He is still in a box that few want to accept. Oh, many attend church, even went down to the altar call but many came out of their box and joined Him in His? They will accept the box of religion and all the trappings. But they will not accept His Way.

I pray that you will allow Him to show you His Way. Come out of the world box...come out of the worldly church box....come, get into Yeshua's will never be the same.

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