Sunday, May 23, 2010


Today is Sivan 10, 5770........SHAVUOT...PENTECOST!

Hello my Mishpacha, it is a humid day here in my little part of the world...,we have had many cooler days and I have enjoyed them so I must get used to it...summer is coming..again! But without it where would we be? No beautiful growing season for our fruits and vegetables and the animals would be confused! And in general, children love is out....they can sleep in, go swimming, the things kids do! I sure know I used to! BUT NOW?

I could really just live my life fine without it! I am not a summer person! I hate the heat, the sweating.....the only thing that keeps me going in the summer is air conditioning! And yes, I know we must start getting weaned off of it...I do so understand the signs of the times...we will not have this luxery in the future.

Let us enjoy what we have now to the fullest but be aware that times may change prepared...the hour draws nigh for the very things we have been told all our lives about...the very things our Bibles tell us...are happening..and the worst is yet to come. I just sense that so many are not getting the fullness of this message. Please seek understanding!

My friends, I am in a wonderful mood...full of joy and gladness...Shavuot is here! We had a wonderful time last night...we went out and prayed at midnight because it is said by the sages that 'at midnight on Shavuot, Heaven opens up for a twinkling of an eye and all prayers are heard'. We praised our Elohim!

I talked about what happened on the two most special Shavuots. And we talked about Ruth and how important she is to Shavuot! Then Jessica got out glow sticks and she and the girls...Aletha and her friend Yvonne and Arrin, played in the yard. They ran and laughed and had such a good time under the watchful eye of our Father! We stayed up for most of the night....His presence was all around....such a joy!

And today? I still feel His presence! I am basking in it! Everyone else?...they have slept in. It is a good thing.