Monday, January 30, 2012

Boker Tov! Today is Shevat 6, 5772...the second day of the week....Yom Shaynee.

We are having unseasonably mild weather in my little part of the world. The prediction for today's temperature is 68ยบ! This is really not what we should be having on a day which is January 30th according to the Gregorian calendar. Winter is supposed to be here! Arrin keeps asking "When are we going to get snow, Grandma?"

I cannot help but worry about the trees, plants, and animals. I have to believe this weather messes up their internal clocks. We will soon be celebrating Tu B'Shevat..the new year of trees on Shevat 15. Let us pray this weather does not trick them into budding and then possibly dying.

I can remember, as a child, that one of the predictions of the future time of the end of days was going to be the seasons becoming a combination of all seasons. We would cease to have the four seasons and the weather that went along with them. It seems to me that this is what is happening. This, along with the high consumption and high prices of meat along with the lessening of edible crops plus the owning of all seeds by Monsanto, will contribute to a great shortage of food, WORLD WIDE, in the very near future. We are being told to limit or give up eating the flesh of animals and go vegetarian or vegan and preferably organic but how will one even grow food if we cannot get good seeds? Seeds that have not been modified?

We are going to be at the mercy of the government...which will be of the anti-christ...and of course we know that this will not be a good thing. We can only prepare now and be aware of what is happening and beware of the days ahead. But the main thing is to BE IN PRAYER to our Elohim and TRUST IN HIM. HE WILL SEE US THROUGH THE DARK DAYS.

I love you and want only the best for you! His servant, gloria