Friday, May 1, 2009

The Ten Commands and More

Iyyar 7,5769 Sixth Day Yom Ha'shee'shee

Dear Ones,
I thought with everything going on that maybe we should look at a few things. We need to get ourselves straight with the LORD. We need to be the 'set apart' people that he wants us to be. I am writing none of this to anger anyone but any of you can search the Word and search the internet for these truths.

Let's start with the Ten Commands.....the web page below shows the three major virsions.....Jewish, Catholic and Protestant.

I am sure, by now, you know I would have to prefer the Jewish but there is something very interesting to note....the controversy over the Sabbath. If you look at the three versions, you will note that both the Jewish, which is by far the oldest..coming straight from the mouth of Elohim thru Yeshua to Moses, and the Protestant both say.....
"You shall remember the Sabbath and keep it Holy."...the Fourth Command from God Himself.

The Catholic says....."Remember to keep holy the Lord's Day."...'it's' third command.

Why is there a difference? Because when the church of Constantine came into power, it usurped the power of God. They changed the day of worship from the Seventh day Sabbath to the first day worship of the sun. And by what authority? THEIR OWN.

Yeshua/Jesus gave NO ONE the authority to do this. There is only one who gives man this authority and that is the enemy himself, Satan. He has always told man he can be as God.....he wants us to believe we are gods. But we are not. When we, as humans, start to puff ourselves up and take over the ways of God then we are in disobedience to our Creator.

The Catholic church itself, in its own publishings, says that 'it' has the authority to change the day of worship and that all Protestants who say they are Bible Believers and worship on sun days are in direct disobedience to what the Bible says. 'It' states that Protestants should be Sabbath observant just as the Jews are.

The Catholic church further states 'it' is above the Bible and that 'it' is infallible..not the Bible. It believes 'it' has all the power of Jesus on earth and what 'it' says is truth OVER THE WORD OF GOD WHICH IS YESHUA/JESUS.

God's Sabbath is forever. FOREVER!

And I feel I must speak on this.....
The teachings of Mary are not from the Word of God but from the teachings of this usurper church. Mary was not an Immaculate Conception. She was a sinner just as you and I are. She was found righteous and held within her, for nine months, the Messiah Yeshua, who was born during the Fall Festival of Sukkot or Feast of Tabernacles.

Mary DID NOT stay a virgin because she was a married Jewish woman and would have taken her wifly duties very seriously. And having done this she had several more children. Four more sons and at least two daughters. Remember that the Word of
God says Yeshua was Mary's 'first born son' but says Yeshua was "God's only begotten Son"...."His one and only Son".

God is not playing games....He is very serious. We have got to get ourselves right with Him. Stop playing the 'church' games. He wants you to be either HOT OR COLD.....FOR HIM OR AGAINST HIM. You cannot be just isn't going to work.

Study to show yourself approved. Pray and seek God. He WILL reveal Himself to you and He will put you on the right path.

You can stay where you are or you can seek to know the truth in Him. Yeshua is the same today, yesterday and forever. If you are being taught anything different...AND we all were...if you believe the Old Testement is of no relevance today because of the New...then you have been taught WRONG. THE NEW ENHANCES THE OLD. IT IS THE TEACHINGS all based on the Old. Nothing is new in all comes from the same place...Yeshua!

We, as a new Testement church, have been taught that the Kosher Laws for food and cleanliness are not for us. I am not talking Rabbinacal laws but Biblical Kosher. Yeshua spoke this to Moses for a reason and if He had a reason, it is good enough for me.

When the Black Plague swept through Europe, Jews were killed in great numbers, not by the plague, but by 'Christians' who thought the Jews had caused the plague. Why? Because they did not get it or die from it as the regular population did.

The Jewish people followed and still follow the laws of cleanliness and of eating food. The 'Christians' did not. The 'Christians' threw their body waste right out their windows where Jews buried theirs. The 'Christians' did not take regular baths or even wash their hands but Jews always did. The 'Christians' drank from standing water but the Jews drank fro living waters even if they had to haul it a ways. And the list goes on and on.

I am telling you all of this so you will realize everything that is happening now is very serious but if we follow the Way of God He will keep us safe. He set His guidlines in His Word for a reason and if there ever was a time to follow His way, it is now.

I love you and want the best for you!
With love to you in and through our Savior and soon coming King Yeshua.......His servant, gloria

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