Tuesday, June 14, 2011

It's a New Day!

12 Sivan....Third Day...Yom Shlee' shee

Shalom to friends, family...any who may be reading this blog. Again, I ask forgiveness for not being diligent in writing but somethings have come to light as to why I just could not seem to get it together.

For several years now I have been in a great deal of pain and it had brought me to the point of not being able to hardly walk...even stand. The quality of my life just seemed to be fading as time went by.

I finally did the right thing and changed doctors...found a really good one...and thru her diligence I now know that I have been suffering with five herniated discs in my lower back. I am seeing a wonderful pain management doctor and I am seeing a big difference in my pain and in my whole outlook.

I was struggling, trying to keep myself in line but it was really hard trying to do this because the pain was so intense and depression had set in fiercely...even more than I had realized...it was as though a wall was around me...blocking me from living a normal productive life anymore.

Healing....I knew this was available....I have had many healings in my body and have prayed for the healing of others....but this was blocked also, for some reason.

I do not understand the Way of G-d...there is no one who does....so I cannot explain how we are healed one time and not another. I injured my back when I broke my leg. The whole emergency room...patients, doctors, nurses....all were witness to my leg being healed yet I went home with a back injury that we didn't find out about till three years later!

Question our Elohim? No, I believe that my choices are the cause of my afflictions. I have gone thru one of the roughest trials in my life because I need to toughen up.

We all need to toughen up. We need to get ourselves ready for the great trials that are looming in the near future. They are there...just over the horizon....the times prophesied in the Bible. We are witnessing the beginnings now..the birth pangs...earthquakes on the increase, volcanoes erupting, tornadoes, as we have never witnessed before, weather changes...our seasons are no longer as they were but have become mingled together, diseases, famine, our farm land being destroyed, abominations within what is supposed to be the church, sexual deviations abounding among the young and old, more and more pagan apparitions of the Mary goddess and other pagan deities, perversions of every kind. Abuses of children and animals. Wolves in sheep's clothing..these are men who are the elite of the church world but are deceiving the people and leading them to destruction. The world is making way for the anti-messiah. Many are going to be fooled..the number is too many to count. The nephillim...fallen angels, are being portrayed as aliens..many will be led astray.

So many who are in the church system are already lost because they refuse to look with open eyes and hear with ears that are not deaf. The Church of Constantine...the Roman Catholic Church...has deceived billions. What has become of all those who lived and worshipped within its deception? Can one worship within a pagan church and be a apart of our Elohim's salvation when He clearly says to come out of idolatry? He is a jealous G-d and will have no other gods before Him.

What of all the Protestants who came out of Catholicism but kept so many of her ways? The mother church does not give up her children so easily. Many denominations are still within the birth canal..they have not completely left the body of their harlot Mother.

COME OUT OF HER! Seek the Way of G-d! Seek His Word...His Torah. follow His Commands..not the commands of man. This is the Old Path...He will guide you but you have to step out of the man made religion.

This is not the time to think that there is pleanty of time. There isn't. We must choose this day to become strong...to walk in courage....speaking truth....and doing what it righteous! We must walk in the Way of G-d!

I love you and want only the best for you. His Amma(servant), gloria