Sunday, July 11, 2010

We Are Accountable......................

Hello my is the last day of Tammuz according to the calendar of our Elohim. I have deep regrets that I have not been blogging as I once did. I have been...I guess what we can call a slump? I have thoughts and desires to say something but no drive to do it but it is when we have these valleys that He speaks to us. We have to listen....listen carefully.

I have been going over the past actions I have taken about certain things in my life. I have seen and felt how allowing certain things to happen has affected me and my has affected the whole spiritual mood of my house. My first action was to not heed what our Father was saying to me and then to 'speak' contrary to what he was saying. In other words....I said 'yes' when I should have said 'no'.

In the course of three years that saying 'yes' has completely turned my life upside down and I believe it also dramatically affected the lives of my whole family.

You have heard the old saying.."You are what you eat"? I say to you......YOU ARE WHAT YOU SPEAK! NOW UNDERSTAND ME, I AM NOT SPEAKING A PROSPERITY MESSAGE HERE....but you must align your words with His Word and with what He is saying to you. I also say to you it is not just the words you say outloud to others or when speaking forth a proclamation over is also the words we say to ourselves when we are 'talking' to ourselves. And yes, I do believe we all do it. And it is also in our mumblings...we know what we are saying...He knows what we are saying...even if those around us cannot understand!

I am the Spiritual head of my house. So if my Spiritual attitude and the words spoken from my mouth are not in line with our Elohim, His Word and His call upon my life then where does that leave my house? Just as a Captain of a ship is in charge, keeps order and gives commands so that his ship sails smoothly, I too am in charge of my house and it is my resposibility to see that it is running in a Spiritual manner that respects our Elohim, His Commands, and that all are respectful of my rules and respectful of each other.

"Let the words of my mouth be acceptable to You"

We are accountable for what we say! Yeshua says in Matthew 21:34...good things come out of the good stored within us. Our words reveal the sort of treasure stored in our hearts. He says that every idle word that is spoken will be accounted for at judgement. Our idle words do not allow us to acheive the calling that our Elohim has upon our lives.

It has been said that idle words..bring neither life nor death. They do not carry out the will of Elohim and continually push back His plans into non existence.
Our Elohim has a better life planned for us. He wants us to wake up knowing that we have a new wonderful day, each day, becasue He makes it that way.

I have had good days but I have had many bad ones because I have beaten myself up because of the words that proceeded out of my mouth which were contrary to the will of our Father. What do I do? Well continually waking up and thinking upon it does not help unless one also listend to what He is saying about the whole situation. Yes I messed up...and by my calculations I set forth a chain of events that changed the whole dynamic of my family.

But...He said to me...."Go back and move forward."
WHAT? How is that possible? In the past few months since He said this I am becoming more aware of what He has meant. Maybe someone else would have gotten it right off the bat but me, well, I needed a little more time. But one consulation, time has been speeding up so from one point of time to another does not seem so far!

So I know what I did and when I did it. Why was it so bad? Well, I heard our Father telling me what to do in the situation but my mind...and my human emotions...took over and I THOUGHT I WAS DOING THE RIGHT THING. What we perceive as right is not always the right thing to do according to the will of Elohim.

So I have gone back...I repent of it....I will not allow my words to be unacceptable to Him...any words....the words I utter to myself....or my mumblings.

I have rambled on but this is not over. I will be in prayer about this somemore and hopefully will get back and blog again soon.