Saturday, April 11, 2009

Nissan/Aviv 17,5769

This is not my usual way of blogging but thought that you might enjoy 'seeing' me as my friends on my email list 'see' me. This email is fun but has meat and a 'bite' to it as you will 'see'.

My Dear Ones, Shabbat Shalom! It is a beautiful day here in my little part of the world....or at least it looks beautiful from my window here in the Angel room where my computer is.

Our Pesach (Passover) was wonderful! I was very tired from all the shopping and the cooking but as was worth it. We had our seder on thursday evening....we did, however, light the Passover candles on wednesday evening and say the blessings.

I tried a new was a twist on an old one. I was serving baked chicken and of course mashed potatoes and gravy so I kept thinking about dressing(stuffing). Well, the wonder of the internet can find just about anything you are looking for and I found lots of recipes for matzo dressing. I ended up just making mine with my own recipe only using the matzo. It was very good!

I also had a craving for something my Mom used to make. I knew I had her recipe so I searched for it and made it and even though the family was a little skeptical after they tasted it they were sold! It is a pineapple, marshmallow and Velveeta cheese salad. Amazing taste!

During the seder there is a part where we take the matzo in the special bag...there are three compartments....the Rabbis have always called this the unity...we know them to represent the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. From this bag, we take the middle matzo called the Afikoman. Afikoman (pronounce it like this....ahhhfeee KOH mun) is the only Greek word in the whole seder and no one knows for sure why it is in there but I think we know.......we take the middle matzo, break it in two and place the one half back in the bag and the other we wrap in a white linen cloth.......anything sound familier? We then 'hide' this wrapped matzo.

Because Aletha and Arrin were going to be the only children here I knew that they would look for the Afikoman. There is usually a prize given for finding it. Arrin has wanted a Barbie doll for some time now so I bought her one. Let me tell you, I have not shopped for a Barbie for years......I thought, well she'd need an outfit, so I got one of those packages with three outfits and shoes. gets better!

Arrin and Aletha find the Afikoman, of course, and I give Aletha some money and give Arrin her doll and clothes.....and shoes! Oh those shoes! Friends, I had no idea that some Barbies have different feet! She was struggling to get the shoe on the foot....kept telling me..."Her foot's too big!" I just thought she didn't know how to put the shoe on. I finally told her to bring it to me.....I could not get it on either. Her Barbie is a Beach Barbie and has flat feet....BIG flat feet! I Laughed and said..."This Barbie is like the step-sisters in Cinderella...her feet are too BIG!"

Now, being the Grandma I am, of course I tried to 'fix' things. I went to WalMart and looked at the Barbies. I found one that as far as I could tell, had small feet. I also found some clothes ...bed clothes that had flat shoes..well sandle/slippers like shoes...thinking "these will fit those BIG FEET!" Oh, let me say I was very excited when I got home but......BUT! The slippers WOULD NOT FIT THOSE BIG FEET! I offered to cut the sides of the feet off but Arrin didn't think that was a good idea..LOL! AND the new Barbie? She has small feet but THEY ARE BALLERINA FEET...they do not fit into the Barbie shoes either! I really could not believe it!

Thank goodness for Daughter Jessica! She is like our own personal LONE RANGER! She comes to the rescue everytime. (Athough at times, she seems a little..shall we say...smug.) She came in and after a few minutes of listening to me gripe about BARBIE FEET and Arrin whining about BARBIE FEET...she said......"didn't Arrin get Barbie's for Hanukkah?" LIGHTBULB! Arrin went and got her 'Cinderella' and 'Sleeping Beauty' Barbies and lo and behold! THEY HAVE REAL BARBIE FEET!

So, to say the least, we ALL have had fun dressing Barbies and putting their shoes and 'boots made for walkin' on them.

(Maria and the girls went shopping...Arrin came home with a Ken doll.....Oh my!)

Now for some meat........remember, I love you!

You know that I only send out what is good for your growth in the LORD or in some cases political to keep you informed and aware of what is going on.

We all know what this time of the year is all about. I must say this....Easter is a pagan holiday! It HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE RESURRECTION OF YESHUA! Easter was here long before He was crucified and rose from the dead. The Romans celebrated this day and continued on after Constantine became the leader of their church. It has been handed down thru the ages as an acceptable holiday even though children are being used in the pagan ways of this religion. If you know the LORD, you are saved....but can you hear Him saying 'seek Me...come deeper?" He is saying "come out from under the pagan ways of the worldly church." Easter bunnies and easter eggs have NO PLACE IN THE BODY OF THE LORD! WORSHIP OF ANYONE ELSE BESIDES OUR ELOHIM...FATHER, SON AND HOLY SPIRIT HAS NO PLACE IN THE BODY OF THE LORD.

The time of foolish kid games is near the end...we can no longer say..'oh it doesn't hurt anything' hurts you! He is going to ask..."Why have you partaken of the unholy? Why did you forsake me for the pagan and profane?" I can only say and do what I am given to do. It is up to you to either receive or reject.

I love you and want the best for you. He was crucified on a wednesday and arose probably sometime right after sundown after Shabbat. You don't need a 'good friday' to remember need Passover. You don't need an easter sunday to remember His need God's day of First Fruits which is on the day after the Sabbath following Passover. Our Elohim has it all under control....the days and times have already been set...come out from under the pagan days of the 'christian' church.

As always, God Bless YOU!

With love to YOU in and thru our LIVING SAVIOR AND SOON COMING KING, YESHUA HA MASHIACH.....HIS servant, gloria

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