Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Rosh Chodesh Adar

Yes, its that time again, the end of another month. Today is the last day of Shevat. This evening begins the month of Adar.

I get very excited when a new month begins because I know this is God's cycle of new beginings. He is so good to us. He makes a way for us and because of the world around us, we don't even appreciate it. I keep thinking and saying, in a better world, if the 'church' had not taken the road of pretending...if the 'church' had stayed on coarse, all believers would have followed the Way of God and not the way of man. But, there was a fork in the road and man did what he wanted to do. He decided to interpret scripture as he saw fit and changed it so that it became something that Yeshua nor His early followers would have recognised. I am thankful that God stayed faithful to those who desired to walk with Him and He was there to reach out to those who were diligently seeking Him.

All down thru the years, even after the Great Pretender church reared its big ugly head and became the 'only way to God' in its own mind....God had a people. He always had His chosen ones...Israel...and no matter what has been done to them, He never forsakes them because when He makes a covenant, He keeps it. And thru His Son, He had people who stayed the true coarse. They were muddled in among the pretenders and on the outskirts, too. Men and women who dared to believe by faith instead of doctrines and sacrements and lies. They were the ones who did not believe in the idols and in their hearts knew that God was alive and still not hanging on a cross and that no matter what, the Son was the only way to the Father.

I have thought so many times on the Festivals...how, if we had not been turned away from His Way, all believers would celebrate with God, His times. Instead of a pagan christ mass tree to celebrate the birth of Jesus, we would have our Succas and they would be decorated and have lights and we would spend eight days in celebration. And..there would be no halloween.....no.....our children would all get excited about Purim..a time to dress in costumes and have parties and get treats and they would learn it is alsoa time to give out food and other things to the poor and needy. But, as I have been learning this way of God, I have found that in all of God's Festivals..Holy Times, He always wants us to remember others. there is no time in His calendar that says..Me! Me! Me!

If you are reading this and don't understand what I am saying or this angers you, please, I was just like you! I didn't understand so I really thought that what I had been brought up to believe was ok...that christmas and easter were Godly. But, if you study and you search out the truth, you find that it is manmade by the pretender church. And this goes with sunday sabbath, too, as I have said before. There cannot be a true preacher who truly does not know the truth but because money is so important they will not even try and teach the truth. All the 'church' holidays bring money into their hands. And what would the world's economy do without the manmade holidays of christ mass and easter, halloween, velentine's day and all the rest? Anything to make a buck!

BUT, if you want holiness in your life. If you are seeking God. If you know there is something missing from your walk with Him. Try His Holy Days. This would be a good time, right now, to search it out. Passover is coming...get away from easter! Try Pasover and Resurrection Day and Shavuot..it's all waiting for you!

I only write these things because I want the best for you. Be blessed today.

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