Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mother and babies....

This my first blog and I want to say something that has beeen on my mind. I am quite upset over all the mean words being said about the 'octo mom'. I think that's what they're calling her. So many are saying how she should never have had the eight babies. Apparently the only ones speaking up are the pro choice people. While I will not say I agree with her choice of being an unmarried mom and having these children the way she did, she did so to preserve their lives, I heard it said that she did not want the embryos destroyed. I know sometimes one can adot them out but if they are not going to be used they are destroyed. And, I heard it said that she had a choice not to have all eight babies. Here again this is pro choice talk. Can one who believes all life is precious allow some to be killed and others live?
I am not sure how she is going to raise them but I would rather my tax dollars be spent giving these babies a chance at life than being spent on murder in abortion clinics.

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