Sunday, February 22, 2009

28 Shevat...Yom Reeshone/ First day
Feb. 22....sunday....(This is a hard day for me to write as it gives its praise to the sun..being named for it. So I will never capitalize it.)

Desperate times make people do desperate things. My daughter Maria got a letter in the mail yesterday. In this letter was a check for $2,950.oo. The letter said she had been accepted to be a 'secret shopper'. All she had to do was call a number, talk to a man named Dave and have the security code lifted from the check and deposit the check into her bank account. Then she was to spend $100.00 at Walmart, $100.oo at Sears, $50.oo at McDonalds and give herself $255.00 in payment. The rest of the money was to be transferred. I called our local police and an officer came out...and just as I thought, it is a scam. Unfortunately, some people are so desperate that they have fallen for it and then, after transferring the money, which by-the- way, goes to Canada...they are left holding the bag...err...empty bag..because they are responsible for the $250.oo that they spent and their own pay of $255.00 and the $2,695.00 that was sent to Canada.

As the old saying goes...'If it looks too good to be probably is!'

We are in perilous times..hard times. Harder times for some than for others. I can say that I am ok for now but I cannot say that I will be ok financially in the future BUT I can say that I have One Who has said He will never leave or forsake me. He is my high tower and He shelters me in the shadow of His wings. If we put our trust in Him then we have nothing to fear. We may allow worry to sneak in but then we must call upon Him and allow Him to comfort us and bring us under His authority. For Who is He but the LORD God Amighty.! He is Adonai Yir'eh..The Lord Who provides!

Today I KNOW that God has looked after me in the past, and when things happen that cause me to have fear, I will find security in the knowledge that God will not forsake me in the future.

There is something else, let me say this again, we are living in perilous times...mixed up times. We must be careful in the things we how we what we say. We are not only being held accountable by the LORD but we are being watched by those around us.

The ways of man are not always compatable with the way of God. If something does not stand with the Word of God then think about it...pray about it. Even if it is something that you have done in the past and it was ok then, do not think that it is ok now. What seemed innocent then may not be now, in these times. What seemed like so much fun then may not be what the LORD would have you to do now.

Movies, TV shows, Music..these things can be a stumbling block to you and others. Going to clubs to dance and have fun may seem innocent because you say.."I don't get drunk and I'm not acting like the others do" but is it really what the LORD wants you to do? I am speaking from my heart. This is not yesterday...this is not last year....this is now and we know the LORD is coming soon. We must get ready....we must prepare. We must be doing the things that are acceptible to God. We must not be witnessing about the LORD and showing forth a facade of holiness and then doing the things of the world and thinking its ok. I am speakiing truth here and we all must seek the LORD and allow Him to show us the Way.

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  1. I got caught up today reading your blogs. they are just as I think. I totally agree with you. most especially about the way we spend our Sabbaths. those days each week are meant to give us peace and quiet with our Father Adonai. To praise Him and reflect on all He has done for us. we are so very blessed. time to focus on Him more than ever.