Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mom's and Babies Web Site...

Here is the web site of the Octuplet Mom.....

The purpose of the site is to send donations, if one wants to, and to send a note to Nadya and family.

I must say this, I have desired to have a place to express things that are on my mind and to talk about what the LORD is doing in my life. Right up front I want it known that I am a Believer first and for most and I stand with Israel. I am a Messianic Gentile who follows the Old Path. When I say Old Path I am talking about the way of the early church.....before the Catholic church. I observe Shabbat or the seventh day Sabbath as God commanded. I eat Biblically Kosher. I celebrate the Festivals and Holy Days of God, not the holidays of man.

I am conservative. I do not follow Obama. He is not my savior. My Savior is Yeshua. My faith and trust is in Him and Him alone.

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