Wednesday, February 25, 2009

1 Adar, 5769....Yom Revee'ee....Fourth Day
Wednesday....Feb.25, 2009

Good Blessed Wonderful Day to YOU! Halelu Yah! I praise His Holy Name! He is so good...His love and mercy endures forever!

The sun is shining and the sky is blue and the clouds are floating along. It is glorious! Am I being too exicted? I don't think so! We must see the beauty around might not be around very much longer.
My thoughts go to an article in National Geographic concerning the animals who are near extinction and the ones who already are extinct. I can't imagine what our Father feels each time one of His creations is totally gone from the earth....extinct. I get a very hollow feeling, as if, by their being gone, a part of us is missing also. Because of the desire to try and stop this countdown to extinction many of earth's creatures have been counted and some have even been counted down to the very last one.

In the January article from National Geographic, there's a picture of a jar and inside is the body of a Dusky Seaside slipped into extinction almost unnoticed. It lived mainly on Florida's Merritt Island and declined from 3,000 to none when its salt marsh habitate was sprayed with DDT and taken over by the space program. The last one died in 1987.

I know man has made great strides in trying to keep more animals and even plants from becoming extinct but it is a sad thing to know that we, as human beings, are the main cause of so many of God's creations that are no longer here.

But, we do have hope. The LORD is coming soon and He will restore the earth to grandure and these animals and plants will have life again.
We serve an awesome God Who's amazing love and forgiveness for us is shown to us everyday. He looks beyond our sin and selfish ways. We truly are so blessed!

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