Friday, February 13, 2009

Good day my friends and to anyone else who might be reading this little blog of mine. Today is Shevat 19 in the Jewish year 5769. I purposed in my heart when I began this journey into the Way of God that I needed to be connected with Father and following His days and months seemed to be the right thing to do. So I follow the Jewish calendar. I keep track of the Roman calendar because the world is run on it and everything outside my home goes by it, but here in my house, today is Shevat 19..not Feb.13.

I am sure there are those, maybe you, who are reading this who are a little afraid of this know, the Friday the 13th thing. Dear One, do not be afraid....the LORD does not go by such things and He does not want you to either. Maybe you feel that you are always having bad know the saying...if I didn't have bad luck I'd have no luck at all. Well, if you are the LORD's, if you are called by His name, then start thinking about your life and what is going on in it. Sometimes when we have 'bad luck' it is not always HaSatan the enemy, it is our Father tapping us on the head to wake us up.

My oldest son thinks he has a black cloud over his head...well, its not. when he was born, I didn't know a lot but I remembered Hannah and how she had dedicated Samuel to the LORD so I lifted Scotty up(his name is George but I have and always will call him Scotty) and I gave him to the LORD. He has a heart for God and a BIG heart it is, he'd give you the clothes off of his back but is he living for the LORD? NO. His heart is there and he enjoys going to church but he is not where he should be.

One thing I do find interesting about him and it was revealed to me....since Scotty has been grown he has let his hair grow long. Before he had it trimmed it was at the middle of his back. Many think its the biker thing in him but no, it is of the LORD. So I know the Hand of Elohim is upon him and soon he will be where he should be. I praise God for this. Thank You Yeshua!

The Word of the LORD is powerful and I find Him saying, " Get your house in order." For those who voted for Obama and the only way I can describe them is under a spell, they think he is their messiah and he is going to 'change' the world and everything is going to come up roses for them. Well, I didn't vote for him and I do not see him as anything but who he is and I know he is bringing change but not for the good. We can't worry and fret though. We must trust in the LORD and have faith in all that He is doing because He is in control. Our prayers are needed though. We must call upon Him and He will hear us.

Get Your House in Order! What does that mean? It means seek the LORD. Get out from under the world and all of its enticing ways. If you search your heart you know there are things going on in your life that God is speaking to you about. For me, it was coming out from the whole system of 'church' and all of its doctrines and to seek out what God wanted for me. This meant changing my whole perspective about how and what I
believed. Is Jesus my Savior? Yes He is! But, I now see Him as truly the One Who spoke the Word..Who spoke all things into existance...Who spoke the Commands to Moses....Who came and lived among His people and taught a more perfect way...the fullness of the Torah, to His people. I am amazed and I am in awe of one so great Who loves us so much that He willingly gave up His human self to be our atonement for sin.

The LORD is so good....His love and mercy endures forever!

Friends, I must go make challah for tonight's Shabbat so I will leave you with the prayer that is always on my heart........

Father, May my prayers be set before You as incense; may the lifting of my hands be as the evening sacrifice. therefore, in view of Your mercies, I offer myself as a sacrifice, living and set apart, holy and pleasing for You...for I am to You the aroma of Your Son, Yeshua HaMashiach.

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