Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Havdalah Ceremony...the end of Shabbat and the beginning of the week.

Shabbat or the Sabbath Day is a gift to us. It is a day of rest from the things that we labor at. For me, it does not mean I will not feed my I enjoy feeding them...but it does mean that we should not do unnecessary things that can be done at another time. If we have cleaning to it on friday or wait till sunday....not on the Sabbath. If I know company's coming and I need to pick up...yes I feel this is ok.

But we must realize...we must get it into our hearts...that He set the Seventh day apart form the other six days. Sunday is not the Sabbath....the Catholic church took sunday for its worship day...and in the Catholic church teachings you can read that they know the Sabbath is the seventh day but because they believe themselves to be THE only church they have the power to change the day of worship from saturday to sunday.

We have authority in Yeshua over a lot of things but NOT to change what God has commanded. No man, be he the Pope or not, has this right. God set forth His Sabbath to be a lasting commandment between His creation and Himself. We are in disobedience when we do not observe and celebrate this.

So, Shabbat is set apart. It is said that it is as though all the days are standing. Then the six ordinary days bow before the Holy. The Sabbath day is crowned as though Queen of the week. The Sabbath should be greeted with joy and a desire to please God for giving us such a great gift....a holiday at the end of each week.

But at the end of Shabbat...what happens?

There is a ceremony called the Havdalah Ceremony. Havadalah means separation. We have the ceremony in order to 'separate' the departing sacred day from the beginning of the ordinary weekday.

"You are to distinguish between the holy and the common and between the unclean and the clean." Leviticus 10:10

We say blessings over our wine/grape juice and over spices and we light a candle. We understand that this is separating Sabbath from the rest of the days...just as God separated the light from the dark and good from evil.

The following website..Hebrews4Christians...explains the ceremony and you will see how beautiful it is.....

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