Wednesday, March 18, 2009

22 ADAR Fourth Day Yom Revee' ee

Today is my birthday! My Jewish birthday. It is also my grand daughter Aletha's Jewish birthday. Why is this so special? Because it is according to our Father's calendar. When He created the worlds and the universe...and He set a small planet apart from all the others and He created man, He also set apart day and night, darkness and light and He set forth days and months. Our Father's months go by the moon. Every new month is according to the new moon.

We can focus our lives around all the manmade days and months we want but He never changes...His times are for evermore.

I have celebrated my Jewish birthday for several years now but this is has taken on greater meaning to me. Maybe because I have almost completely assimilated myself in God's time frame...all my calendars in my house go by His months and days and when I need to know what day it is...I KNOW acccording to God's way but I have to check about the worlds time frame.

But, no, it is more than that. God is doing something now..and its not just to me. He is working on those who desire to be closer to be a part of His world....Those who have set themselves apart for His purpose.

Today, more than ever, I feel that this IS THE FIRST DAY OF THE REST OF MY LIFE. That today, this day, I must choose to be who I am to be in Him with no rebellion, no struggling with Him over the way I am to go. No more disobedience and STRADDLING THE FENCE OF RIGHT AND WRONG. From this day, either I am for God or I am against Him. There is only hot and lukewarm!

For a long time I have known and studied the Zadok Priesthood. it was even pointed out to me by my former pastor, Rev. Bob Johnson, that I was of the Zadok Priesthood. I, again, was amazed when I saw that Bro. David Wilkerson had written a message about it. God is so good..His love and mercy endures forever!

by David Wilkerson

Please carefully read Ezekiel 44:15–16. The Hebrew name Zadok means “right or righteous.” Ezekiel here is referring to a man named Zadok who served as a priest during David’s reign. This righteous man never wavered in his faithfulness to David or to the Lord. He stood by the king and by God’s Word, through thick and thin. Zakok always remained loyal to David, because he knew the king was the Lord’s anointed.

Because Zakok remained faithful through everything, he came to represent a ministry distinguished by its faithfulness to the Lord. Indeed, Zadok was a prime example of a true minister of God—separated from this world, shut in with the Lord, consistently hearing from heaven. Such a minister recognizes his main work as prayer: seeking God daily, constantly communing with the Holy Spirit and ministering to Jesus.

The new temple priests are faithful to stand before the Lord before they ever stand before the congregation. They spend precious hours in the Lord’s presence, until they’re saturated with a message that’s been burned into their souls. And when they emerge from God’s presence, they are able to speak straight to the people’s hearts. Their message gets down to where the sheep live, because it has come directly from God’s throne.

The Lord says of the Zadok priesthood, “These ministers will enter my sanctuary and stand before me. They shall come near to my table and minister to me. And they shall keep my charge. I’ll be faithful to lead and direct them and I’ll give them my word for my people.”

In the new, last-days sanctuary, the Zakok priesthood knows their central work is to minister to the Lord. This ministry includes every lover of Jesus who desires to walk in righteousness. Indeed, we see the “priesthood of believers” echoed throughout the books of the New Testament. John tells us, “[He] hath made us kings and priests unto God and his Father” (Revelation 1:6). Peter writes, “Ye also, as lively stones, are…an holy priesthood, to offer up spiritual sacrifices, acceptable to God by Jesus Christ” (1 Peter 2:5).

You may not have ministerial credentials from any church body. You may never have been to seminary. You may never have preached a sermon. But you are just as called and ordained to serve in the Zadok priesthood as even the most well-known preacher or evangelist. Both Testaments make it abundantly clear: Each of us is to hold the office of priest and perform a priest’s duties.

So, you’re wondering, how are you to do this? You do it by ministering primarily unto the Lord. You offer up sacrifices to him—sacrifices of praise, of service, of turning over to him all your heart, soul, mind and strength. He’s called you to be part of his royal priesthood. Therefore, you are to minister to others only after you’ve ministered to him. This means you are not to show up at God’s house each week empty and dry, hoping some message from the preacher will fire you up. No, you’re to come prepared to minister to the Lord with a heart of praise.

This is exactly as the LORD has shown me. When I go to the House of the LORD, I go with His praises In me, coming from me. You shut yourself into a a bubble or a box...and you commune with the LORD. You do not, you cannot think about those around you, you are ministering to the LORD. This is how it is in my house.....many is the time family has come in while I am worshipping and I do not even realize they are there because I am in worship of Him and He is all that is on my mind.

But with this is the righteousness and the knowing the right from wrong. We are to be on guard of the holiness. I have found that I cannot wear shoes in the presence of the LORD...take off those shoes when you are standing on holy ground. And I have felt the conviction to cover my head when in prayer, worship and praise.

Do not do this as a show of things, only do so in reverance to Him...because He is worthy. He is worthy of all our praise, all of our reverance, all of our worship, all of our being.

We are vessels to be used by Him. We are to be at His beck and call. We must use all the resources He has given to us so that we will be effective in dealing with the perils that are awaiting us at every bend. We must be always in the Holy Spirit so that we can effectively minister to those who are in need. We are not our own, we are His, bought and paid for by the blood of our redeemer, Yeshua our Messiah.

I live in a glass house...we all live in glass houses..but I have no curtains so as to hide from God anything that goes on here and I will not allow it to be hid from anyone else. When I mess up, I am ashamed but will I try to hide it?...NO ...because my Father has already seen it and if I did it then I should be able to say.."I messed up...I was not acting in the way a Believer should act."

So on this day...ADAR 22, 5769....I will do my best to live by the commands..the instruction of the LORD....and be a willing open vessel for all that He wants to bestow upon me.

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