Thursday, March 12, 2009

16 Adar, 5769 Fifth Day Yom Khah' mee' shee

Somethings are noteworthy..... especially when they are visions or at least knowlege that is given from the LORD. Yesterday, while worshipping the LORD, we had Messianic music on.....a CD by a couple that go to Or HaOlam Messianic Congregation. As I was listening to the song.....'When Abba Cried'...I received such a vivid picture of what went on as our Savior Yeshua was beaten and died. The angels had to be held back, they wanted desperatly to defend Him, they wanted to come to His rescue..but Abba held them back. Oh how my heart cried out! Then I was made to realize something else.....although He covets our praise in any language...Hebrew is the language of the LORD and for so many years only His children Israel have sang praises to Him in His language of love but never did they sing the name of Yeshua...but now.....NOW.....His Name is called out and in songs of praise in Hebrew by His children, both Hebrew and Gentile! What a wonderful day we live in!!!!

Then later on, daughter Jess came in from outside.....she said..."Who else could Obama be but the one to bring in what has been fortold. His name begins with an O....representing the unity of the world...O".....and she said the moon had a ring around it and clouds were crossing it in lines...just like his emblem he uses.

Yes, we are living in days of wonder and days that are perilous but we have the LORD to trust in and He is able to do all things to protect and care for us!

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