Friday, March 6, 2009

10 Adar, 5769 Sixth Day Yom Ha shee' shee

Again, it is almost time for Shabbat. I am amazed at how time is passing and it seems like we were just getting ready for Shabbat. I was in a web site just the other day. It is a Christian site and there are blogs and a guy named Michael had written about the joys of sunday. He wrote how he had always dreaded sunday but because of his love for the LORD he now saw it as the most special day of the week. the begining of though it is the most precious jewl of the week. I should have known people would feel like that. Even I looked forward to sunday and going to worship and praise the LORD. But, no matter how wonderful sundays are, no matter how one enjoys going to church on sundays...we must stop treating it like it is the is not! Our Elohim made one day his Sabbath and that is the Seventh day. As it was in the beginning so it is now. Jesus...the same yesterday, today and forever.

Think about it this way. God set His days....He set His when I was born my parents went by the same calendar as eveyone else so my birthday was march 9, 1953 but on that same day, was God's day of Adar 22. This was the day that the LORD made special for me. So, in truth, no matter how many march 9ths I celebrated....He only saw Adar 22. God has a reason for His days, His hours, His months and His years. He has His seasons.

And I must add matter how many christ's mass' and easters and all the other holidays of the world church you celebrate...He already has His Holy Days....His Feasts and Times of celebrations. Why not think about honoring Him by just reading about His Way and see if it doesn't make since?

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