Wednesday, August 5, 2009

God, Where Are You?

Av 15,5769 Tu B'Av

"Where is God?" So many ask this. They look at the way the world is and can a loving God allow so much evil to prevail in this world? WE expect evil to be punished and good to prevail but it doesn't seem to always happen this way.

*According to the sages...."If, instead of seeking to do good and learn the lessons of God's reward and punishment, people choose to gratify themselves against God's will, and they slip into the solth of vegetation instead of striving for spiritual and moral advancement, then God withdraws, as it were, from close supervision of the world's affairs. If people are deserving of God's intimate supervision of their deeds, He no longer rewards and punishes in an obvious way. when that happens the world is clouded by the Concealment of God's Countenance. Those are the times when Jews..(and all the world)...wonder, ' Where is God?' and when there is fuel to feed the passions of those who blaspheme that there is no God.".......

Wicked, dishonest people appear to be ascendant everywhere, degrading values that we hold dear and subjugating good and sincere people. Such times can drive people to hopelessness and despair, can make them wonder whether there is any point in attempting to serve a seemingly uncaring God.*

Right now, at this very time, there are those among us who are questioning if God exists because of all that is happeneing in this world. Why is there hunger, strife, hatred, poverty, and sin? Why does it seem that God looks away from some of the horrors happening?

One might ask, why did He look away and allow someone like Barrack Obamma to become President of the United States? Yes, it seems as though He was looking the other way but He wasn't it. I have said all along, the people clammored for a King..just like the people of Israel clammored and God allowed them to have a king...KIng Saul.

And what about Hitler? Wow, another man who came to the people and promised so much and showed himself as an oracle of hope and change...hmmmm...sounds kind of familiar.
But, who finally revealed his true colors as a man not of integrity and honesty but one of evil and death.

And, we might ask...where was God when His Way was distorted by the coming of the Catholic church....the church of Constantine...the Usurper church? How could something so wonderful and full of truth and light, as the Gospel was, become so full of pagan traditions and teachings, so full of idol worship and half-truths and lies?

And, where was He when the Reformation came to be and still the lies of the Catholic church prevailed and has held captive His Body all these years?

Where is He? Where He has always been and where He will always be.

So even though there is wickedness in this world.....
*EVEN THEN, God does not cease to regulate the world and move it to His ultimate goal. The Attribute of Judgement may not be visable, but beneath the surface, the Attribute of Domination of God's Oneness is always active.*

It is said that there were three kinds of Jews in Egypt and this relates to this world we live read this....get it within your spirit.....THREE KINDS......

*there were some who perceived God in everything; they were not in exile at all in the truest sense, because nothing impaired their awareness of God in all things.

At the other extreme, there were those Jews who were equally not in exile, because they had so thoroughly assimilated into the beliefs of Egypt that they considered themselves to be Egyptians, albeit enslaved and persecuted. Their goal was not to leave Egypt, but to be accepted by their masters. For such people no redemption was possible, and they died during the plague of darkness.

Finally, there was the mass of Jews in the middle. They were in exile because they were not a part of Egypt nor did they wish to be. But they had sunk very low, almost as low as a Jew can sink without being utterly and irreparably lost. For them the hidden Hand of God was truly a healer.

In this there is a message for all of us in whatever condition we may be in, for all three catagories of people will always be present and all three aspects may be within all of us to a certain degree but there is hope. If you are unswavering in your faith and you see the hand of God in all things and you know that you know that you know He is in control then Praise the LORD. Do not give up.

But if you see that you are one who is very comfortable with this may not like what is happeneing but 'we are the world and we are one', you believe, then you should reevaluate and seek God and His Way. Death and destruction is coming and the way of the world is not going to save you.

You may be the third kind...and you may not even know it. We are told so often that we cannot straddle the fence. We either believe in Jesus or not. But what about coming to the Way of God? Renouncing the way of man and his church doctrines and traditions and pagan ways and coming over to the truth. There is only one way to salvation and that is thru Yeshua/Jesus. But what after that?

Do you stay in a church that goes by the teachings of the Catholic church that does not observe the Sabbath of God? Do you follow the traditions of man and this church that does not observe and celebrate the Holy times and days of God but instead observes and celebrates the pagan days of the Catholic church? Do you follow the church doctrines, traditions and teachings that say the Old testament is not for the Body of Messiah? That it was done away when Yeshua began his ministry? Do you straddle the fence of unsound doctrine?

The Word became flesh and that Word was Torah and that flesh was Yeshua. He did not come to do away with the Law..the Torah...but to fill us full of it.

Where is God? God where are You?

He is here...where He has always been. He never moves...but we do. My desire? To move ever closer to Him. To keep moving closer till when you see me you see Him. When you look into my eyes, you see His eyes. I want to be so close to Him that His light radiates around, thru and all over me. And that is my desire for you too.

I love you and want only the best for you.
With love to you in and through Yeshua, our Savior and soon coming King....His servant, gloria

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