Friday, August 21, 2009

Forty Days of Awe? What Are You Talking About?

Elul 1, 6769 Sixth Day Yom Ha'shee shee

Hello Dear Ones. Today is a wonderful day in ADONAI! I praise His Holy Name!
Today is indeed very special. It is the begining of the Forty Days of Awe!
Why is this particular time called the Forty Days of Awe? Let's see if we can understand what happened on this day......

On the early morning of the 1st of Elul of the year 2448 from creation, Moses ascended Mount Sinai, taking with him the stone tablets he had hewn by Divine command, for G_d to re-inscribe the Ten coommandments. On the mountain, G_d allowed Moses to "see My back but not My face"--the closest any human being ever came to knowing G_d---and taught Him the secret of His "Thirteen Attributes of Mercy" (Exodus 33:18-34:8).

Moses remained on the mountain for 40 days, until the 10th of Tishrei(Yom Kippur), during which time he obtained G-d's whole-hearted forgiveness and reconciliation with the people of Isreal following their betrayal of the covenant between them with their worship the Golden Calf. This was the third of Moses' three 40-day periods on Mount Sinai in connection with the Giving of Torah. Ever since, the month of Elul serves as the "month of Divine mercy and forgiveness".(From Today in Jewish History)

My Friends, This is a time of personal change and renewal. We must seek Yah and allow Him to search our hearts. What do we need to be forgiven for? Have we done something to someone and we need to make things right? What can we do to understand His Way better? Do we need to work on our family life? It is a time of soul searching. Definately of renewal!

As I have come further into the Way of Elohim, I have continued to read and process Prophetic words from those who are not yet in His Way. They are still in the "church system" but very definately being used of YHWH. I have for quite awhile read different 'Words' being given and as I was instructed, have looked to see what 'pops' out of the pages for me. But, I have also seen how these Prophetic voices are also intune with the days and times of Yah. They do not understand it yet because they are still walking in the other place. He uses who He will and we who have 'eyes to see and ears to hear" will understand this.

What I am saying is...these Words are so many times, close to the heart of YHWH, and He will speak thru them. I have seen in the past where He is saying..."Repent. Get right with Me. Come out of the place you are in and come to Me." Most who read the Words are not understanding what He is saying except to try harder in the place that are at. They should instead be listening to Him and come out of the pagan church and into His LIGHT.

Here is a Word thru Marsha Burns....see if it does not reflect the 'days' we are in...what does it say to you? Be open with ADONAI and He will reveal to you what you need to do. He is in the field...He is accessable RIGHT NOW!

"I am opening the recesses of your heart to reveal the basis for attitudes and motivations that are detrimental to your relationship with Me and with others. As you look honestly at what I show you there is a great opportunity for healing of things that have rooted themselves deeply in your soul. Now is a time when you can gain much needed liberty of body, soul and spirit. Allow Me to do this deep work in you," says ADONAI.

Because there are those who desire to know come into the understanding of The Way of Elohim, I am going to be praying and diligently seeking Him as to what He wants me to do. He obviously instructed me to start this blog, which I have been negligent of.

I ask forgiveness RIGHT NOW. I ask that You use me in any way that You desire. I humble myself before You my King! You have taught me the Way I should go. You have instructed me and given me knowledge. So with this I will do my best to give instruction to others so they will find their way along the path of rightousness.

First, start right now to come into understanding. This is the time of reaching in and getting right with our Creator. I do want to add this, He gives us so much grace. WE, who have accepted salvation thru Yeshua know in whom we believe but with that belief comes obedience to His Way, which is keeping His commands...or instructions. This means honoring and observing Sabbath...His Sabbath...the Seventh Day Sabbath. It means keeping Torah. Yeshua is Torah...the living Word. Grace abounds, though. All during our Father's days and months are times of seeking His forgiveness and doing whatever we can to make things right.

Yes, right now we are to ask forgiveness and seek His face but before Passover, we are to sweep clean the leaven from our homes...sweep clean the sin from our lives. All during His year, we can reach out and seek Him and be confident He is always there. He is the same yesterday, today and forever.

Surrender right now! Surrender to Him all the things deep within you. If there is an issue of unforgivenesss between you and another person, pray about resolving the issue. If need be, seek forgiveness if you have wronged them and if it be that they wronged you, FORGIVE THEM. Let that burden go. Unforgiveness will root itself deep within you and it will be hard to dig out if it is allowed to grow. But if you are diligent, if you keep reafirming to yourself that you forgive...forgiveness will become a part of you.

Seek out wrongs and make them right.

As always I only want the best for you.
With love to you in and through Yeshua, our Savior and soon coming King....His servant, gloria

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