Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Av 14, 5769 Third Day Yom Shlee' shee

Boker Tov! Good Morning! A wonderful morning it is! I woke up to the sound of my Severe Weather Radio going off so I have been up a litle while. We have had rain this morning in my little part of the world but it has not been threatening. Hallelu YAH!

Each day is a wonder to behold! I am amazed at the glory of Elohim..He is so good...His love and mercy endures forever! I think about how far I have come...my life...wow! I wasn't raised a Believer and I fought hard for it. I wanted God in my life...I yearned for Him but my parents and siblings were not interested. I struck out with Him, alone. But I was never alone, He was always with me! I thank Him that He placed people in my life to fill in the gap. Like the woman who convinced my Mom to allow me to go to the altar and receve salvation. Looking back now, I already had my salvation but we were taught you must do it publically. I think about my sister in law and her former husband who led my husband and I into the Assemblies of God and into the Baptism of Holy Spirit...Ruach HaKodesh. I am thankful for all those He placed in my life down thru the years. I am not even close to any of them now. It is like the saying.."Ships passing in the night". They were there for a reason, a purpose. Each one bringing something wonderful into my life..into my walk with God.

I did not always stay close to Him...I wandered off a few times but He never moved. He stayed right there close...His angels always around me, protecting me...keeping me in my ways. He blessed me with a beautiful singing voice and I loved singing for Him. It was my desire to sing only for Him but when I became bitter over problems in my marriage and I stopped singing...my voice went away. When I had my last child, Jessica, I refused to sing while holding her..I shut myself up and then one day I went to sing and my voice was gone.

My desire for Him took many turns...always searching His Word....always seeking Him...then I realized something was happening to me....I truly needed more of Him. More than I was getting in a church...or from TV evangelists and Christian shows. I knew I was going somewhere Spiritually I had never gone before. I desired to have my hair shaved off. I had hair down to my bottom...I always became sick when it was cut but I just felt that this needed to be done. So I had my long hair shaved off. The family was furious except for Jessica, my youngest child, who would become my Sister in Elohim.

We both desired to be closer to God. It began just the two of us doing what we knew...from the Christian teachings we had. At one point we tried to get close by delving into some Catholic ways...like lent and such...OH Hallelu Yah, I am so glad He took us from the pagan and into His light. (It seems that a lot of people seeking Him are turning to these pagan ways desireing to be closer...this does not lead to him but AWAY FROM HIM. It is a false religion and although you feel religios and in a deeper way...it is FALSE. it is a lie from Satan!)

You know a lot of people are searching for Him and they too are bringing the pagan into their lives. But the truth is, we know no better. We all, for the most part, have grown up in the pagan way. We live by its calendar of days, months and years. We are taught, even in school, to honor its days....Monday tru friday are work days, Saturday is the day to get all your running around and shopping done and Sunday is the pagan sabbath...its day of rest. We are taught about the Pagan holidays even in school....Halloween, Christmas(Christ's Mass), Valentine's Day, Easter, St Patrick's Day and any of the other myriad of days.

BUT there is a better way and it is the Way of God...of Elohim. I was seeking and He was there all the time. He led me into His days...His Holy Days...I bagan a journey in discovery. I did not know His feasts and festivals were for ME. I had been taught they were for the Jewish people..I did not go by the Old Testament, that was for the Jews too. I always knew that the Jewish people kept saturday Sabbath and a few Christians did too but I was always taught we observed our sabbath on the LORD"s Day, never knowing the truth of where it came from. Just blindly following the shepherds of the flocks. The same with the pagan holidays. We always celebrated Christmas and Easter because we were supposed to. These are Christian holy days...never knowing or being taught that they were not Biblical and were of the Catholic church and PAGAN!

But when I was seeking Him He was there and He showed me the truth. It is there for anyone to see....He desires ALL to come into His truth. I have always been taught that we Gentiles are to make the Jewish people jealous because of our faith. I never understood it. The Catholic church...the Great Pretender church and Church of Constantine...NEVER made the Jew jealous. It made him angry and hateful towards it. This church persecuted, tortured and killed the Jew...and so many others because they refused to believe in their pagan sacrements and traditions and worship of idols.

So, somehow, in the minds of the erly Catholic church they began teaching their way was the ONLY WAY. And down thru the ages, even after Protestant religion came to be, we have expected the Jew to become jealous because we follow a sunday sabbth, holidays that were NEVER instituted by God and a whole system that has been for the most part set up by man. Hmmmmmm.

So what will make the Jew jealous? By our total commitment to Elohim and following His Way. To seek His Face. The early church...before the Catholic church...was a church that followed the Tanach and Torah. All who taught were grounded in the Word...the Torah..in Yeshua. They were Kadosh...holy and set apart for Him.

THIS will make them jealous..if we, as Believers in Yeshua, follow the Way of God...the Way that Yeshua taught and His followers knew as truth. Not the bunk we have been taught for about 1700 years.

What do I think about the great men and women of God who have come up thru the years who were not in His Way? Elohim is everywhere. He even infiltrated the Catholic church and was able to reach a few good men and women. And He came closer when the Reformation happened...it fell short though because so much of the pagan was retained in the Protestant churches. But He kept on touching lives and He used those willing to be used. Unfortunately, so many were so clouded in the 'new doctrines' they did not reach out to Him and receive the fullness of His Word.

BUT NOW....RIGHT NOW.... all who desire to walk closer to Him have the choice....follow His Way or the pagan way of man. Hakarat ha'emet means acknowledging the truth. Won't you? Pray and allow Him to clear your mind. Allow Holy Spirt, Ruach HaKosesh...to show you, teach you the Way of God..of Elohim. Our Father desire for you to come out of the Pagan.

Look and see what He says about worshipping the pagan way. You may be a man/woman who is being used of God. You may have a ministry that reaches out to others. God has used you but if you are in the pagan ways of man's church, how long will our Father indulge you?

Maybe you don't think it is important...you are saved and that's all that counts...well...why not be safe than sorry?

Yeshua is coming soon. He is desiring a body of believers who know His Way. Who understand His feasts and festivals. Who understand His teachings in Torah.

Where are YOU?

I only desire what is best for you!
With love to YOU in and thru our Savior and soon coming KING, Yeshua.....His servant, gloria

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