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Av 23, 5769 Yom Khah'mee'shee Fifth Day

*From the Temple Institute.......
See, I set before you today a blessing and a curse."
(Deuteronomy 11:26)

A blessing and a curse imply both the freedom (privilege), and the responsibility of choice. It is our privilege to choose good or bad, right or wrong, blessing or curse, but it is our responsibility to choose always the former. The freedom of choice is a gift outright from G-d , who created man in His image and endowed him with the ability, (by choice), to emulate G-d by doing His will and walking in His ways.

Thus begins this week's Torah reading of Re'eh, a word which means "See! Envision! Understand!" Torah sharpens the picture for us some verses later when it states simply, "You are children of the L-rd, your G-d ." (ibid 14:1) Yes, as children of G-d we too have a share in the eternal, notwithstanding the mortal clay from which our our bodies are fashioned. But to exist beyond our own finite selves, we need to focus, to see ourselves in the context not of our own limited lifetimes, but in the context of the generational continuum of mankind. For what we choose to do, or not to do, in our lifetimes resonates and reverberates in the generations that will follow. By doing what is right in G-d's eye, by embracing the blessing and rejecting the curse, we truly become His children, transcending death and time itself......

How are we to understand this? The entire Torah is predicated on the principle of man's freedom to choose. The entire Torah is dedicated to teaching man to choose responsibly. This Torah imperative can be seen in the very creation of man himself, and in the first actions taken by Adam and Eve, right up to the final words uttered by Moses on the day of his death, at the close of the book of Deuteronomy. Man's choice, not G-d's ! G-d's will is fixed, immutable.

We are G-d's children, and our Father only wants what is best for us. Just as any father has a vision of what is best for his children and tries to imbue them with that vision, so too, G-d places before us the clear vision of what He knows is best for us.
Let's try seeing things G-d's way, making His choice our choice.*

My Dear Ones, Could it be any clearer that this is not the 'legalism' that the Christian world says it is? From the very begining our Elohim gave us freedom of choice.
And that is exactly what is on my mind today and I sit here in my 'Angel room', (my computer room)and ponder why we make the choices we make!

I have said before that it is amazing to me to see how our father works....even in Quantum Physics. In the different demensions of the universe. Right now it is believed there are ten demensions...our Elohim being at 10. The best way I have seen to explain this is ....we are at a parade...street level...we can watch the parade go up the street and down the street and our best view is right in fron of us. But think of our Elohim as being on top of a high building where he can see the whole street and therefore can see the parade from the beginiing to the end. Along the way are side streets and at any given moment the floats and bands and such can choose to take a side street. But if the want to stay in the parade...if they want to win the prize...they stay on the direct parade route.

This is how He has set it up for us. We have freedom of choice which does involve blessings and curses and He directs our paths towards righteousness but we are a stubborn people and we think we know best for us and we choose to get off of His path ...His parade route. I am a guilty as anyone...I am maybe the worst. I have heard His Voice telling me which way to go and I am still a rebellious child sometimes.

We who are parents know how this is, when our children choose to do the opposite of what we know is best for them. We see the trouble brewing in their lives and we try desperatly to steer them away from it but so often they reject our advice and go their own way. Then when things go wrong they come to us expecting us to help them get back on track. Unfortunately, that doesn't last long and they go their own way again.

Does our Father have patience or what? But, we must realize that while He does forgive we are going to have to face the consequinces of our actions in one way or another. It may not be today or tomorrow but it will come. And then we can look back and 'see' how we brought these things upon ourselves.

I can look and see exactly what I have done and when I did it as to some of the problems plaguing my life. And what can I say? That I have got to listen more closely to His Voice! I have got to follow more closly His instructions in His Word!

Her said to me..."Be as My servant, Harriet." He was speaking of Harriet Tubman. He led me to her real story and she was amazing. Yes, I know I say that about her but she truly was! She knew His Voice! She followed His instructions. Her life and the lives of so many others depended upon it. We are coming to this time in our lives where we need to KNOW HIS VOICE.


Read it again......

This is very important.....we sometimes do things because we feel it is the right thing to do. We feel we must, say, give money to this charity or that or we mybe you met someone and you feel it is the right thing to do to bring this person home and help could be a number of different things....STOP. PRAY. Do you know His Voice well enough to know what He wants you to do? We have got to get out of the mindset that we are obligated to do certain things...we are obligated to listen to Him and do as He wants us to do.

When we do what we feel is right and it is not what He wants us to do, troubles will come down the road. I know, cause I have done this and now I look back and se that I was 'doing the right thing acccording to all the ways of man and the christian(I so hate using this word but it is the only word one can use to describe the church out there.) teachings' but it was not what I should have done.

When I started this blog today I was thinking about my sons. My oldest married a woman who was not who he should have been with. Now he has moved back in with me again. His wife does not belive as he does. If he will stay this course, if he will put her behind him and get back on the path our Elohim has for him..all things will work for his good.

My younger son has an on again off again relationship with his girlfriend. They need to stay away from each other and I have counseled him about this. He says he is listening then he does the opposite. His troubles are only going to multiply because of her and hopefully he will come to his senses and listen to what I have to say and take it to heart.

So just as we have rebellious children, we are rebellious to our Father. We are living in a time when time is running out. Our Elohim has been patient with us. He has always had a people..always the Jew..the Jew FIRST..but even when Constantine took the Word of Elohim and changed it into the pagan. Our Elohim reached out with the truth and a few stayed close to Him. Even after the Reforamation and not all pagan was removed and the 'church' did not follow the true way of Elohim...He reached out and a few followed him. As the years have past by, He has stayed where He was...the same yesterday, today and has been man who has wandered from His path. and even as christians gather to praise and worship Him, they too have wandered off the path but He is calling them to come back. Come back to restoration. Restoration of His Name! Restoration of His Torah! My batttled cry iS RESTORE!

And maybe, just maybe, if we listen more intently to His Voice and heed what He is saying and follow His instuction, our children will begin to listen to us and do what is right.

I love you and only want the best for you!
With love in and through Yeshua...His servant, gloria

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