Monday, May 18, 2009

The Signs of the Times and Cults


Dear Friends, I cannot believe it is the 24th of Iyyar already!...The last day, the 29th, will be this coming Shabbat! Rosh Chodesh Sivan! I stand amazed! I am amazed each Shabbat that another week has passed so quickly. Summer is upon us and I feel that I can only wish for those 'lazy hazy days of summer' because it, too, will pass so quickly! Time is speeding up but is it because I have grown older? Or is it truly a sign of the last days?

We see all around us that the seasons are no longer as they once were and we see the signs in the way people are and in their attitudes. I just read an article about the Girl Scouts. It is NOT the Girl scouts of my is something of this day and age! Teaching the girls about New Age doctrines and Feminism and even Planned Parenthood is a part of it. I am not against birth control or sex education but I am totally against abortion and this is Planned Parenthood's money maker and we do know from factual articles that it has and does coerse young women and girls into abortions. Just today on 'The View', which I do not normally watch, the younger black woman, Sherrie, said Planned Parenthood coersed her into an abortion when she was seventeen even though she had second thoughts about it.

We are in the birth pangs of the 'Last Days'. We, who are called by His name, who desire to be in His Way, see this and understand this. None of us know the date or time but we 'see' and 'understand' the signs.

It is amazing to me how HaSatan can coerse humans into believing in a god other than the true God, YHWH Elohim. We understand that he has done this since the begining of time. He told Adam and Eve that too could be as gods and they believed. He led all the human race into the beliefs of strange gods and idols except for a few people and the Hebrews. If God had not reached Abraham and Abraham had not had eyes to see he would not be the Father of the Jews and all who believe in our Father and the Son. Abraham's immediate family were idol worshippers and it is said he was hidden as a child because the pagan 'seers' saw he was going to be a threat to their religion. It is also said that he broke his fathers idols. But, thankfully he did have righteous believers in his family....Noah was still alive when Abraham was born, and died when Abraham was 58 or 60 years old. Shem, the son of Noah died 35 years after Abraham died. The entire blood line of Shem was still alive, when Abraham was born. It has been written that these men had a great influence on Abraham. More so than his idol worshipping pagan father Terah.
It has been written that Abraham was taught by Noah and Shem, The Way of God.

There are so many cults in this world. I just watched the National Geographic Documentery "Inside A cult:Messiah On trial". I had researched it before watching and was already disgusted with the leader Wayne Bent/Michael Travesser.

Wayne Brent was a Seventh Day Adventist preacher who then had a revelation that he was the Messiah, Michael Travesser, and claims to be the son of god. He has a flock of about 60 believers and they live in a compound in New Mexico called Strong City. He also has seven wives who were given to him by his 'father' to comsummate the marriage of the lamb. He uses the Bible extensively in his teachings but uses it to suit his beliefs.

All through the documentary I kept thinking of the big cults....mainly the Catholics, the Mormans, the Muslims. All three of these use the Bible but do not believe it as the absolute Word of God.

The Catholics totally disregarded the Word of God as being the truth and did away with His Commands to keep the Sabbath Holy and they have usurped all power from our father, preferring to give all power to their church and its pope...and of course to its pagan goddess and the idols its believers bow to.

The Mormans believe an angel came to Joseph Smith and gave him golden tablets and a way to read them and thus were given the Book of Morman. They do not believe in the deity of Jesus/Yeshua..but believe all men are gods and will one day rule their own world.

Muslims believe that Muhammad was given the Koran by revelation and that YHWH ELOHIM is not God but is their god named allah. Their beliefs totally reject the Son of God and they believe in total adherence to thir beliefs, much the same way as the Catholics.

Millions of people are in these cults and in those of Hinduisn, Budism and any number of other cults. Why? Because Satan can and does give them a way to expresss themselves and believe. He gives them a way to understand and feel a part of something, even though it is false and is taking them straight to hell. He makes his lies seem as truths and even takes truth and makes it into half-truths.

What can we do? We can stand our ground in knowing in Whom we believe. We can live what we preach. We can say that the Bible is the Word of God and live it..not as the world does..but as He wants us to. Giving His Seventh Day Sabbath it's rightful place and following His Word which is Torah. If we call on the name of Jesus/Yeshua then we are calling on Torah and we must acknowledge this.

It is good to go back to the old path to the "Way of God...but beware of those who are wolves and come in sheep's clothing and say they believe in God's Paula White and Steve Munsey, just to name two. They teach about His way but do not follow His Commands. They do not separate the holy from the unholy...they do not remember the Sabbath and keep it holy. They continually ask for money so that you will receive blessings from God. Beware!

BEWARE! BEWARE! BEWARE! Holiness is not spelled Christmas or Easter or Lent or Advent or St Patricks day or Valentine's day or halloween, these are the days of man.......Holiness is in the Days and Times of Elohim.....His FestIvals...Remember Passover, Unleavened Bread, First Fruits, Shavuot, Yom Turah, Yom Kippur, Sukkot and His Hanukkah and Purim. These are of Him not of man.

Please remember I want only the best for you.
With love to YOU in and through our Savior Yeshua haMashiach...His servant, gloria

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