Sunday, May 31, 2009

On the Death of Dr. George Tiller

Sivan 9,5769 First Day Yom Reeshone

Forgive me dear ones that I have not blogged in a while but to be frank, we all go through some times of feeling am I to even think I should speak out about the LORD and what He says.

But here I am again. There is so much I could many things I have had on my mind but for right now I am thinking about Shavuot and the death of Dr. George tiller, the infamous murderer of the abortion doctor who specialized in late-term abortions.

I do not know who killed Tiller. I am assuming it was a person who is pro-life, meaning AGAINST ABORTION. I AM ALSO ASSUMING HE IS IN CUSTODY BECAUSE HE WENT INTO TILLER'S CHURCH...YES Dr. TILLER WENT TO CHURCH...and yes it is unbelievable that his church would condone the murder of probably thousands of innocent lives by this man and his clinics. But as is usually the case...the 'church looks the other way'.

Oh wait, I forgot, Tiller was acting lawfully to murder babies. So because it was the law, he could be in good standing within his church. Hmmm. It sounds like his church does not follow the Commands of God...'Thou shall not murder'.

But to go on, he shot him in the church so he was probably taken into custody.

What did I do when I found out Tiller was dead? I shouted for joy and began praising God. "OH gloria, how can you act this way and say this?" Because I did it! Tiller lived his life as he desired. He was given many chances to be repentant but I have seen no evidence that he ever repented and went his own way away from his money making death mills. Am I being too hard for you? Well, I am not sorry.

I wrote some comments on Facebook and some will not agree and my comments will not be understood by many. We are all on a path through life. Some of us have chosen to walk with God but does this mean we are always on the straight and narrow? NO! We veer off but He does reach out to us and He will even put up road blocks but remember, We have free choice and we sometimes do as we want to do.

Tiller was obviously NOT ON A PATH WITH GOD. He had made choices in his life that took him on a path of death and destruction in the guise of being helpful to 'lovingly' help them get rid of their problem.

I have no idea about the man who shot tiller. He could have been in on the other attempts at Tiller's life. He might be profoundly Pro-Life and desperately wanted to stop Tiller. He might say he is a Christian.

Do I condone Tiller's death..NO. But Tiller had set himelf on this path and the man who killed him was on a path set by his own choices when he set out to kill Tiller.

God gives us the path we should go but He also sees all of the alternate routes and both men set out on a collision course.

The man who killed Tiller will face the law of the land and I hope he comes to an understanding that he too took a life and will need the Hand of God upon him. I pray the peace of God that passes all understanding upon him and his family.

I, as I am sure many many others have done, prayed that God would step in and do something with Tiller. Well, it is done. We will now have to see how it is all played out as the press will take Pro-Lifers to task and I am sure this will make Nobama come out even stronger for both sides to come to an understanding.

As for me and my house we will serve the LORD and we cannot come to an understanding about the murder of innocent babies.

I love you and want only the best for you...with love to you in and through our Mashiach Yeshua...His servant, gloria

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