Monday, October 31, 2011


Hey! Good Afternoon! Today is Cheshvan 3...Yom Shaynee. It is a beautiful day here in my little part of the world. There is snow to the West of me and snow to the East of me and I am stuck in the middle with none! But that is a good thing because I would really like some Fall weather! The trees have not even been turning colors very much and the leaves have not been falling either.

I love trees! I have no trees in my yard. So I have to look out my windows or go outside to look at the trees in my neighbors' yards! I want some trees! Little trees sprout up in my yard and sometimes they grow rather fast and I always hope that maybe I can do or say something so that at least one is spared and allowed to live. But alas, all are always mowed down. It is a belief by certain men that yards should have nothing in the way of mowing. No trees. My husband believes this and my Dad was the same way. He would cut down bushes and flowers because it was a nuisance to mow around them. I heard the stories about the grape vines and the lilac bushes my whole life! I have some about my husband too. He chopped down our lilac bushes and he cut down two beautiful Red Bud Trees once upon a time!

Yes, Fall is here. It is my favorite time of year. The weather gets becomes brisk! The trees turn colors and the leaves fall. We rake the leaves into huge mounds and invaribly the kids run and jump in it. Or in my case, we didn't have enough leaves one year so I took leaves from our neighbor's yard and then we had an enormouse huge mountain of leaves and my kids and their friends had great fun playing in them!

Fall also brings a holiday that I used to love. It was my favorite holiday. Halloween. We really didn't make a big deal about it when I was a child. We had a room party at school and back then all grades could dress up and we went 'trick or treating'. Sometimes someone would have a party which was always great fun. And we believed it was just harmless good fun but now we know better, don't we?

Halloween...October 31st...what is it truly all about?

So often we hear...'Halloween is for the kids!' 'It is just good old fashioned fun.' 'There's no harm in it.' How many times do we hear 'there are no real witches, or spells or sacrifices now' or 'I don't believe in this stuff we just want to have fun and it is just for one night'? AND I HEAR....'CHRISTIANS DON'T REALLY UNDERSTAND WHAT THEY ARE DOING'. When I was still in the church I may not have had full knowledge of the origins of Halloween but I sure as 'HELL' knew it was not Christian! Yes, I allowed my kids to dress up..sometimes dress as evil as they wanted to. I dressed as the 'Mother from Hell' almost every Halloween. My house was decorated as much for Halloween as for Christmas. Did I sense evil?..well of course I did! Any one who professes to be born again, Spirit filled, Tongue talking and a Bible wagging Christian HAS TO FEEL THE EVIL OF HALLOWEEN! Did it stop me? NO! I did not stop until I became Torah observant and began celebrating the Biblical Feasts and Holy Days of YHVH! BUT any one with any sense and who does not want anything to do with evil should have some inkling that this is a day NOT to be celebrated!

Now, let me ask you something.....IF in fact this is a harmless holiday and you just celebrate as you do other holidays...WHY? All holidays have a reason for being they not? We will look at the 'holidays' and from the view point of the world and the 'church' we will try to come up with an answer to why Halloween is celebrated by good people and not just the evil ones.........................(these are not necessarily the holidays I celebrate but what most Americans celebrate in general)...............

New Year's celebrate and commemorate the new year.

St. Valentine's commemorate a guy named Valentine and his love for a woman.

St. Patrick's commemorate Patrick, who brought Christianity to the pagans in Ireland. commemorate the death and resurrection of Jesus.

Memorial commemorate the deaths of our fallen men and women who served our country.

4th of celebrate and commemorate the independence of our nation.

Labor commemorate all the hard working people in America.

Veteran's commemorate all of our veterans.

Thanksgiving.....To give thanks to G-d and commemorate the first Thanksgiving here in the New World.

Christmas.......To commemorate the birth of Jesus. commemorate and celebrate WHAT? Oh yes, I forgot, the Catholic church took the pagan day of Samhain and made it into a church day of 'commemorating' all dead saints of the that it would no longer be a day of commemorating all the dead people who would be walking the earth as spirits and there would be no evil that day. Hmmmmmmmm.


















Here is a good teaching on halloween and its origins. I feel it is very important that we come into truth about these holidays that we have celebrated blindly all of our lives!

Look how innocent it looks for the children to go out 'Trick or Treating........

BUT here is the truth...the witches and evil ones desire to prey on the innocent.....

How innocent is a bonfire? They used to be called 'bonefires'! This is an unretouched picture. It was taken by my daughter at a bonfire she went to with friends from college. Looks like the Grim Reaper is looking for some action, don't ya think? He even looks to have his whip!


Oh I almost forgot..we all love the candy...but knowing where candy corn comes from makes me wonder about all the rest!

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