Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Nissan 9, 5771 Yom Revee'ee..Fourth Day or in the unholy Gregorian calender it is Wednesday, April 13, 2011.

What a beautiful day! It is just gorgeous outside! On a day like today we are able to look beyond all the things happening in the world. We don't want to think about bad things when the sun is shining, the sky is so blue, the clouds are so white and fluffy and the air is so refreshing. A nice gentle breeze makes the limbs of the trees, which are becoming greener with each passing day, sway gently. And the birds...the old familiar songs.....remembrance from childhood...singing....calling out because their lives are going on in the same way they have for all of time. It is all the same BUT.......BUT......

We cannot forget our world is growing closer to self-destruction. Time is passing more quickly. The earth is heaving and thrashing in the throes of birth pangs. More earthquakes...more volcanic eruptions. The weather patterns are in a tizzy..mixed up so much that it is hard to say if we are truly in one season or another.

BUT..we have been told this was going to happen. We who believe in our Elohim have read the prophetic accounts of this 'future'. We are not alone though....others 'see' it.
I watched a famous woman on TV..she is psychic....very controlled bu the underworld..or demonic forces if you will. She is a 'good' woman....good in the sense that she is not considered bad. She has lived the life of most Hollywood types as in a lot of men in her life, drinking, partying and such but she also allowed her spiritual side to be controlled. She was probably sought at an early age by the demonic forces and because she did not seek our Elohim, they were able to bring her into maturity with them.

She spoke of much UFO activity around her home....she lives in a desert area. I believe they are attracted to her psychic abilities and in the fact that she, as a medium, allows them free reign to come and go from their interdimensional worlds to our world.
These 'beings' are NOT aliens from other worlds but Nephillim or fallen angels.

She believes in reincarnation. Of course she would. this makes it easier to not be responsible for things you do in your life. You are on a journey to be enlightened and you must follow a course that allows you to experience life at its fullest.....whether on this planet or another.

This woman also spoke of what is happening with the speeding of time, the catastrophic events happening and the weather changes. And she spoke of personal change.

We also understand the speeding of time, the disheavel of the world and the weather but we, who trust in YHVH, know He will watch over us and keep us safe. And yes, we also must accept change. We must search ourselves...always...seeking His guidence as to what is not right within us. We can tackle any impurities within us as long as we trust in Him.

It is time for you who understands to make your mark and speak out to a world filled with confusion. Millions upon millions are not understanding about our Elohim. They do not understand the Way..they only know the way of man and his pagan churches. It is time to take a stand and speak of the things that are Holy. It is time to set family ties on their ear by telling the truth to those who are steadfast in their belief system that is taking them on the sure road to hell.

Are we willing to do this? To risk losing family and friends to the truth? We must!

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