Monday, April 11, 2011

A new blog.........................

Nissan 7....Yom Shaynee-2nd day

Shalom! It is a beautiful day in my little part of the world! I am about you? As usual I apologise for not blogging as I have said I would but have a lot going on! I have the two daughters still living here and of course two granddaughters. My daughters are both going to school now. Maria is going to go into nursing and Jessica is going to be an engineer..and maybe a lawyer down the road. The two granddaughters keep me busy with their school work and activities...Aletha is in eighth grade and Arrin is in first.

I am enjoying the nice Spring long as it stays spring like and not too hot. I am still cautious as to whether Winter has left us completely. I can remember getting snow on Easter a as I do not count anything out! But the flowers are coming up and the grasss is getting gre and the tre are budding so let us pray that Spring is here!

I betcha one word just got ya didn't it? Easter? What am I doing mentioning Easter? Well, I used to celebrate it and it is a holiday....a Pagan one. Many people..christians...are on a campaign to take the Easter bunny and eggs out of Easter and have it only about Jesus. Well how can you do that? Easter is all about the bunny and his eggs. You can't have Easter..which is really Ishtar...without that ole bunny rabbit laying his eggs everywhere as treats. No it just can't be!

I am tired of Easter...I am tired of the whole mess!

And speaking of mess....I look around..and I am actually looking around and I am wondering am I going to be able to get things cleaned before Pesach..Passover? Oh help me! So much to get done! But as the song says..."I will survive!"

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