Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hanukkah or Christmas

Today is Kislev 22, 5770 and it is Fourth Day

It is Winter outside here in my little part of the world. Yes, snow is on the ground and the wind is blowing. Brrrr! IT IS COLD! No school for the grandkids today. How I loved snowdays when I was young. Of course way back then we didn't have the weather reporting like we do now. It was usually a surprise to wake up to snow....the technology was not there to see storms coming. We never knew when tornados were coming in the Spring and summer or snow in the Winter. IT IS 12° but the wind chill is much lower.

Hanukkah will be here in three days and we are so very excited! I was kind of upset about one thing though, my Hanukkah decorations were put in storage. It wasn't a problem until things were moved around and restacked. The boxes are in there tight and we aren't going to try and retreive them. But this will not deter me or keep us from having a wonderful time. So even though the Hanukkias or Hanukkah menorahs are packed away, I still have the candle holders I used the first year we celebrated Hanukkah.

This might be something that will come in handy for someone else. I bought two candle holders that hold four candles each....and then I use a taller candle holder for the Shamash. You see..the Shamash is always higher than the other candles. Shamash means servant. It is this candle that represents Yeshua. And from this servant light all the other candles are lit. One each night for eight nights till all are lit and shining bright.

I know by now anyone reading my blog knows I no longer celebrate Christmas and I think it is hard for other Christians to understand this.
When I started my journey into this Way of God or Elohim...I saw the beauty of His Holy Days...His Feasts and I recognised that there is no need for the manmade church holidays. They all seemed to me to be an attempt to usurp His authority. Now, of course, I have studied and found out the pagan roots of all that has been handed down to us from the Church of Constantine...the Great Usurper church or the Roman Catholic church. Some even call it the Whore church.

Christmas is pagan. Yes I know we all celebrated or are celebrating it with the best of intentions but should we not, when given truth, step away from it? YES WE SHOULD!

We hear so much about the 'spirit of Christmas'...the 'magic of Christmas'. But where does this come from? Yeshua uses no magic. His birth was not the result of magic.

This spirit and magic comes from the paganness of the whole holiday! LOng before the birth of Yeshua December 25th was the birthday of many pagan gods. This god went by many names, depending on when and who was in power at the time. At one time it was celebrated as Nimrod's birthday, later on this same god went by the Greek name Zeus and it was this same god's statue that was erected in the Holy of Holies in 168 B.C. by the Greeks and who also took a pig and sacrificed it on the altar and then choppd it up and boiled it and poured its disgusting remains over the Torah scrolls in the Great Temple!

It was because of this that the revolt came and finally the Jewish people led by the Macabbees were able to take the Temple back and cleanse it and light the great Menorah, which having only one vial of Priestly oil, it miraculously stayed burning for eight days till more oil was ready. Hallelu YAH! This great day was on Kislev 25, 165 B.C. This my friends was the First Hanukkah!

As I said before, this god was given many names but the birthday of this pagan god was always on december 25th. This was and is known to Jewish people as a pagan day.

At the time of the Romans he was named first Jupiter then Mithras, the god of the sun. The birthday, again was always December 25th and it was called...and I am not sure if I am speling this right.....Dias Natales of Evitus Solas....or the Day of Nativity of the Unconquered Sun.

I am sure that all know the story of Constantine and how he becme a 'Christian' and made Christianity legal in Rome. But, do we understand that in Rome it was an acceptable thing to be tolerant of other religions...except those outlawed, such as Christianity was. Christianity was NOT tolerant of other religions because it was a religion based on the saving grace of Yeshua's blood and in the one and only God YHVH. Constantine had a problem. The pagan gods were unacceptable in his new was he going to make Christianity accepted by the people?

He made a compromise with the pagans...they could go ahead and have their celebrations on December 25th but their god would no longer be named Mithras, he would become Jesus Christ. Just exchange one name for the other. So this Jesus became just a replacement..another name for the sun god. You can even see proof of this when you look at will see a halo behind the heads of Jesus and Mary and the saints of the church. You will see then behind the heads of angels. These are sundiscs, a part of the pagan sun god.

You see December 25th will always be pagan. No matter what you do or is the birthday of the sun god....use whatever name you want for is all the same.

Our Father's days are holy and we must not mix the holy with the unholy....we are to be set apart and we can only do this by coming out of the pagan ways and embracing his Ways.

Hanukkah means dedicate. When the Temple was cleansed and the first Hanukkah celebrated it was a for ever after a day that would be remembered as a day of victory and miracles!

So just as the Temple was cleansed and rededicated...let us look to this Hanukkah as a time to rededicate ourselves to our Elohim because we were cleansed by the blood of Yeshua
and our bodies are His Temple.

I give Him ALL praise and glory to Him for He is so good..His love and mercy endures FOREVER!

As always I only want the best for you. With love in and through Yeshua our Messiah and soon coming King...His Amma gloria

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