Monday, November 23, 2009

Not my usual blog's one of those days!

6th of Kislev 5770

Good Morning! Today is Second day or Monday and Thanksgiving will be here in three days. Am I ready? Well, I have bought most of the food for our feast but I do have a few more things I need to buy.

I got up this morning thinking that I have so much to get done before the big day. Definatelly need to clean...which is a never ending chore around here. Yes, children in the house do make a difference and it doesn't mean just young children. My daughters, Jess and Maria, are big mess makers and neither seems to understand that it would help a lot if they would clean up after themselves. (My sons, Jason and George, lived here but the house never got messy..they kept their things in their rooms and neither did much cooking so I didn't have dirty dishes everywhere. Boy, girls are worse than boys!)

Of course Arrin is a big mess maker also. She uses the living room..which I guess most would call the family her do everything room. She watches tv, writes, draws, colors, plays and occasionally eats in there. And because that's where I dress her, her clothes are there a lot.

I guess I am having one of those days where I am feeling overwhelmed. Do you ever have them?

I look at the front room, we did get the majority of boxes and such out of there but we soon put more in is the dropping off place for things that are to go to storage, We still cannot sit on the couch because it is full of stuff.

The dining room is cluttered. I said yesterday, "there is no way I can pull the table out to use for Thanksgiving dinner because we can't rearrrange the living room furniture." I meant so we could sit at the table and eat.....of course the husband ssid I could pull it out and use it for the food. I guess he was thinking we will just sit whereever we can and eat. Oh well that's not the worst thing that can happen and the main thing is to have family here and good food to eat and be thankful for all we have and for those we love.

So I guess I will just buck up and get busy. I can't stay in here on the computer and expect for it all to get done, can I?

Dishes to do, a floor to scrub, pies to make, vacuuming, dusting.........................

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  1. You are so blessed, my family lives 2500 miles away and it has been over 10? 15 years since I have had Thanksgiving with my daughters... I would love to one day have the opportunity to do it again with them. Living so far away and being unemployed for over 2 months makes traveling difficult for me... before it was school and living on $608 a month, there is always something stopping me but I was blessed to have my first vacation with one of my oldest daughter and grandson... I waited 25 years for this and the Avi blessed me to do this!!! So I will count my blessings and the fact that she calls me several times a week... but their presences is always missed. My grandson said to his Mom... boy did your Mom spoil you when we went to see grandma... she did everything for you... My daughter did called me when she went home and said... Thanks Mom I am the one always serving at home and it was nice to have my Mom serve and spoil me... This I will always remember and cherish her word!