Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Elul 2...Teshuvah

It was a trying first day...I feel such a weight upon myself but I know this is just the beginning and anything we want to change about ourselves takes time. We cannot expect to do it overnight. Forty Days....forty days.

These are the days that our Elohim has set up so that mankind could be forgiven. These days are NOT just for the Israelite...but for ALL MANKIND. So no matter if you believe in Elohim as the true Elohim....or don't believe in any god at all...YOU ARE BEING JUDGED NOW!

We who are under the blood of Yeshua are forgiven BUT as we all know none of us is without sin and without the desire in our hearts for repentance we cannot be forgiven of our daily sins. And we know our Father disciplines us because He loves us.

We MUST search our hearts and allow the Holy Spirit to do the work in us to convict us of the things we need to change. We are asked to TESHUVAH or RETURN.

We return to the Path Elohim has set us upon, the path that our souls know as "homewardbound", the path of goodness and of becoming a better person.

YHVH, our Father doesn't want us weighed down by negative thoughts and putting ourselves down when we make mistakes. When we make wrong choices in life they should be seen as opportunities for growth, not chains and shackles to weigh us down forever.

The Steps For Teshuvah

1. STOP....Stop whatever it is you are engaged in that is not what our Elohim appeoves of or is causing you much distress.

2. REGRET....You should feel regret for what you are doing and you should be sorry for it.

3. VERBALIZE....Explain your regret out loud to Elohim. Talk to Him. He already knows but we need to speak out and hear it.

If your actions caused harm to others....then make amends.

When we speak to Elohim and ask forgivness this is forgiven....this atones only for the sins between man and Elohim. If it is brought to our hearts that we have sinned against someone we must make it right if at all possible.

4. MAKE A PLAN....LET GO AND LET GOD as the saying goes. Our Elohim will help you to stop your sinning. He will, through the blood of Yeshua, wipe it away....out of sight........

Michah 7:7..But for me, I watch in hope for ADONAI, I watch for Elohim my Savior, my Elohim will hear me.


Michah 7:18..Who is a Elohim like You, Who pardons sin and forgives the transgression of the remnant of His inheritance? You do not stay angry but delight to show mercy.

(This was among my notes and teachings for the season of Teshuvah. It was done long ago so I have no idea where I did my research from. So thank you to ever helped me do this and to come to understanding about it all.)